View Full Version : What Women Don't Ever Want To Hear!

5th November 2003, 21:31
I have noticed that their is quite a bit about the men and what they don't want to hear... yet not much about the women... So what is it women don't want to hear?

This one has caused a few testicles to be removed from many male counterparts.


Colin Tranborg

5th November 2003, 23:30
"Now that you mention it, that outfit does make your hips look bigger"

Julian Gerhart
6th November 2003, 06:35
what? I haven't bee listening

6th November 2003, 07:52
Actually, your best friend gave better blow jobs.

6th November 2003, 08:42
your backside would look big in the pacific ocean

6th November 2003, 13:20
That is appropriate for a public forum?

6th November 2003, 13:33
Originally posted by n2shotokai
That is appropriate for a public forum?

Was that aimed at my comment above?

You weren't specific.

6th November 2003, 13:50
Do I have to answer that? Where is that horse!

6th November 2003, 13:52
Originally posted by n2shotokai
Do I have to answer that? ...


6th November 2003, 19:23
"Uh, you're wearing THAT?"

Pete Knox
6th November 2003, 21:12
"No, that dress doesn't make you look fat - your big butt does." :D

Ron Rompen
7th November 2003, 00:56
Honestly dear, I didn't know she was your sister.

T'ai Ji Monkey
7th November 2003, 00:58
Honey, sorry, I really thought you would like it this way.

Or similar.

7th November 2003, 02:49
"Honey, I have read you cost me a rib, Ive thinking into make a better deal, this time Ill be somewhat generous."

"Honey, she was so amazing, the time stopped I cant explain it to you.."

Manuel Ch. A.

7th November 2003, 14:17
"Of course I didn't notice your hairs been cut because you never told me you were getting it done."

"You want equal rights but still expect to have priority over a seat?"

"Having 2 peices of chocolate cake, chips, Chili Con Carne and then a Diet Coke because you have to watch your figure is not ok."

"It's not ok to complain about the presents you get me, but if I get you something duff you are allowed to sulk for 4 consecutive days."

"I don't care if it will chip your nail if you take out the trash, it was your choice to make them look like that in the first place."

I hate my Ex...

Shitoryu Dude
8th November 2003, 03:55
Tell them the truth next time they want to know if they are "the best you ever had". I told me wife she wasn't crazy enough to ever be the best, but she was pretty good for a sane chick. :D

Drives 'em nuts. They just can't leave it alone and will constantly badger you with questions on "what made her so good in bed". After all, she does all the same things the PBFH did, what is the difference? Since it can't really be explained, nor do they ever have the slightest hope of ever competing at that level, it just eats at them.


william northcote
27th November 2003, 09:46
"Oh one moment, I have to turn the video camera on..."

"No of course you're not fat, I just wouldn't mind if I kept burning my !!! on the lightbulb."

"I can see my house from here..."

"Well you sweated that much I could have supplied McD's with lard for a week..."

I give up now :o

27th November 2003, 19:18
"You see, it's pretty much random chance who a person ends up with."

william northcote
27th November 2003, 19:30
Sorry but the condom seemed to have sprung a leak.

Can my friends watch?

So your bisexual, want to come to my place and look through my back copies of Playboy?

28th November 2003, 23:36
Originally posted by Will Northcote
So your bisexual, want to come to my place and look through my back copies of Playboy?

Nope, you're wrong on that one.

william northcote
29th November 2003, 18:23
Depends on your smile :D

1st December 2003, 07:46
What my religious ex G/F(dont ask, it was a phase) didn't like being told after a heated argument:

"You wanna know why you aren't going to heaven? BECAUSE IF YOU DID IT WOULD BE HELL!"

Colin Tranborg