View Full Version : gekiganjutsu and genkotsu?

16th November 2003, 06:00
While reading Draeger and Smith's Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts recently, in the Japan section I came across a list of koryu arts that had a couple of terms I'd never heard of before. One was gekiganjutsu, which was simply described as fighting with a ball and chain, and the other was genkotsu, assaulting vital points.

I assume that genkotsu is simply an alternative term for kyushojutsu and suchlike, and, at first, I thought gekiganjutsu was the same as chigirikijutsu, but this is mentioned separately on the same list.

Are these alternative terms along these lines, or are they separate styles? And does anyone know of any ryuha that use these terms?


17th November 2003, 12:19
Someone? Anyone...?

Brian Griffin
17th November 2003, 17:08
IIRC, Kazuo Ito described genkotsu as a type of jujutsu that specialized in striking tactics and atemiwaza. If I get the time I'll try and dig it out of my library.

DZR has a number of techniques described as genkotsu; I think of it as the "flip side" of yawara.

Earl Hartman
17th November 2003, 18:35
In regular everyday Japanese, genkotsu just means "fist", as in "a knuckle sandwich".