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19th November 2003, 14:23
Dear All


Sunday 30th November 2003 is programmed as a black belt course.
Can you please let your students know that the day's training, in Southampton, England, from 10am-3pm is NOT restricted to black belts.
The course is now open to all belt grades, total cost for the day is 7 for 5 hours training, real value for money.
Sensei Mizuno is not available, Sensei Russell Jenkins, 5th Dan has agreed to teach.
The theme is grading advice/techniques for all grades.
A map link will follow to the location, located at the BSKF.ORG website.



I wasn't going to post on this site any more but this is about training so I will.
Those that promulgate horse !!!! can crack on with that instead.

Tripitaka of AA
19th November 2003, 17:01
Whip Crack-away! Giddyup Chk-Chk... :D

Tripitaka of AA
20th November 2003, 05:22
Incidentally, for any UK Kenshi who have yet to attend one of these "Specials", I must point out that they can be a valuable source of inspiration, a chance to get some top-level instruction, validation of all that you have been taught so far as well as a great day out and a chance to meet some fellow Kenshi.

The opportunity to meet people from different clubs is a great benefit of being part of an organisation like the BSKF. It lets you find out how much you have in common, and can highlight areas where you can improve... in a way that practice in your local club can sometimes hide.

While this makes it especially valuable for the senior Kenshi who've been around a bit, there is still plenty to excite the beginners.

On the social side. Travelling to the venue with your fellow Kenshi will give you a chance to get to know your own club members outside the Dojo environment and this too can have beneficial effects on progress in training together.

Russel Jenkins Sensei is a different character from Mizuno Sensei and his ideas can excite and alarm the unprepared Kenshi*. This is a very good thing for those who have become complacent and think they already know all there is to know. I would particularly recommend the London-based Kenshi get off their bottoms and make the effort to head South. It would make a nice change for the Coastal clubs to benefit from the chance to train with the wheezy residents of "The Smoke" without having to do all the travelling themselves. :D

*I was present for the mouth-watering Katana-"Fling" Embu of Russ Sensei and Peter Moore Sensei many years ago. And fell for it Hook, Line and Sinker.

28th November 2003, 14:20
Coming anyone?

1st December 2003, 11:10
Dear All


42 attended.

Including representatives from the following clubs:
Bristol University.
And Southampton University.

7 techniques per belt grade.
Clarification on so-tai and tan-en embu.
First aid and resuscitation.

Then we all went to the pub and talked for an hour.

We enjoyed it, thanks to all that turned up.



Tripitaka of AA
1st December 2003, 20:48
Certain BSKF with close personal ties were absent in order to celebrate Jee Sensei's 50th Birthday, I believe.

The seminar sounds a blast. Did you get all 42 into the bar? How many of the conversations were related to matters we have spoken about on E-Budo. Were there any new topics that you'd like to share with us here?