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Paul Steadman
9th October 2000, 09:41
Hi Everyone,

Does anybody out there in the cyber-budo-matrix know anything about the lineage of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu, and who is the leading (or branch master instructor) exponent in Australia, and does the Australian branch have a soke or shihan based in Japan? And lastly, does the Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu have any relationship with Tsutsumi Ryu? Maybe Neil would know the answer. Please let me know any deatils.


Paul Steadman

Neil Hawkins
12th October 2000, 02:05

I'm on holidays at present and so haven't been keeping up. The history of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu has been discussed here previously so I won't elaborate on-line, I can e-mail you some stuff if you'd like, but to answer your questions...

Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu (abrieviated to Tsutsumi Ryu) was formed by Tsutsumi Yama Shironokami Hozan, the dates are vague but he was supposedly a student of Jion of the Nen Ryu and so could have started his own school anywhere between 1335 and 1435.

The current head is Jan De Jong (9th Dan WJJF) of Perth, Western Australia. The last Japanese head K. Saito disappeared during the War, no trace has been found of him or any other students.

The system has evolved during the last 60 years and so some would say that it is not a true Koryu anymore, however the fundamental principles of the style are still those that distinguished the school centuries ago.

Input started last century when Maseo Tsutsumi became involved with Jigaro Kano and assisted with the developement of Judo. Since then Shihan De Jong spent some time in Japan with Master Motchizuki (sp?) of Yoseikan Aikido and so there has been some exchange of techniques primarily in the area of weapons training.

The school teaches Jujutsu primarily but higher gradings include sections on Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Manrikigusarijutsu, Hojojutsu and others. Shihan De jong has had a long involvement with various military organisations and so some of the techniques have developed into a comprehensive CQC system as taught to the Australian SAS at one stage.

As I said this has all been said before so I won't bore the people who have already heard it, contact me off-line and I can either answer your questions, or put you in touch with people more qualified to discuss these matters. :)



13th October 2000, 07:28
Hey, Neil,
I just thought I'd say hello. Are you having fun on holiday or are you still in Australia?:D