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Ron Rompen
16th December 2003, 03:05
I have FINALLY convinced my wife to try sushi (still working on sashimi)and of course she loved it. Now, of course, she wants to have it all the time...make her own, the whole 9 yards.

Is there a simple step-by-step site that anyone can recommend that I can point her to? I have found a few good books on sushi preparation, but they are aimed more at the experienced sushi chef.

Thanks in advance.

16th December 2003, 19:23
Try this (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3016&highlight=Sushi)

Look toward the end. Hope that helps.

Be well,

Ron Rompen
17th December 2003, 21:19
Thanks much...I have forwarded the links on to my wife.