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H. Hoshino
8th January 2004, 20:08
Dear Japanese sword enthusiasts and collectors,

I have been studying about the Japanese swords and sword-related items for a long time. I became the Kantei-shi ( Appraiser ) in 1976 and started to share my knowlegde with general public since 1980 after establishing the Sword Society in San Francisco. Many Japanese sword collecters and enthusiasts benefitted from my service.

If I am the first person whom you have contacted, I will be glad to perform the official Kantei ( Appraisal ) for your sword(s).

The following are the information that I need for Kantei:

1. A photo of Taihai ( Body type ) & Sori ( Curvature ) / The entire sword photo / For Era determination.

2. A photo of Hada ( Texture ) / A close-up photo / For swordsmith school determination

3. A photo of Hamon ( Tempering line ) / Swordsmith determination

4. A close-up photo of Nakago / The color of Tang deduces the production year.

5. An Oshigata ( Rubbing trace of Tang ) / If the Mei ( Sword inscription ) is authentic, I can get swordsmith information further ( His birthplace, residence, birthplace of sword, Era, swordsmith school, etc. ).

The above stated information can be sent to me by mail or via E-Mail.

PO Box 12235, San Francisco, Ca 94112 / JPSWKS@aol.com



PS. You must include your name, address & E-Mail address for receiving this free sword appraisla service. Since the above mentioned service is absolutely free, I have the right to refuse anyone's request.

John Lindsey
8th January 2004, 20:54
The "Last Samurai" forum is only for the discussion of the movie. Please post all sword related messages in the sword forum.

H. Hoshino
8th January 2004, 21:26
Dear Mr. Lindsey,

I made a terrible mistake. Can you assit me to post my mesage to the right place ?


H. Hoshino

John Lindsey
8th January 2004, 21:54
I will take care of it for you.

Nathan Scott
28th January 2004, 18:45
Zoinks. I have a butter knife that I'd like to have appraised and polished by you. I'll send it right out. I'd like to have a sample of your work before the Better Business Bureau shuts you down. Sort of a show-and-tell during the BBV nights when we show your "Ninja Style Kenjutsu" tape.

Anyone who has a few spare weeks of time and some popcorn can look at Hoshino's three webpages, which he clearly wrote in the third person himself:

San Francisco Kenjutsu Society:

SF Japanese Sword Society:

Japanese Sword Society / Restoration Center:

Among other things, I think it's great that Hoshino recommends ruining Koto era swords by using them for regular practice and test-cutting. Cutting up pigs is also a great way to preserve the dignity and tradition of Japanese swordsmanship. I'm sure the general public understands your need to publish such crap.

BTW lads, I'm still waiting for my autographed picture of Professor grand-master super-soaky Ron Duncan. I should have more tapes of him soon! :D