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Paulo K. Ogino
10th January 2004, 21:18
Does anybody knows a good Ramen recipe? any web sites? thanks!!!! :D

Tea Guy
11th January 2004, 04:54
What exactly are you looking for? If it's the actual noodle recipe, I won't really be of much help. The only noodles I know how to make are udon.
However, I do know a bit about stocks. Keep in mind, that there are of course many stock recipes out there, so you may still want to look around.
My stock recipe that I use for ramen...ah...actually, it's not much of a recipe because I'm not sure exactly how much of each ingredient to put in. I just...sort of make it by eye.
I'll try to give the best measurements, if possible.
I like a pork stock. Umai!
You take a big stock pot and add pork bones (2 lbs?)[make sure they have enough marrow and such on the inside!], chicken legs (1lb?)[cut through the bone], an onion, piece of ginger (a thick 4cm piece?), a piece of konbu (Ah...few inches square?), garlic (about half a head should do it), and of course water.
Simmer it for....7 hours or so, skimming the foam on the top when necessary and adding extra water when necessary. Strain when done.
You can modify the recipe a bit, adding something here or there(after all, this is a basic recipe. I mean, you'll probably want to add shouyu in your ramen). Maybe using more bones or something. Fresh stock is delicious. You'll really know if it's good once it cools down and you see that it's gelled nicely. Very good sign for stocks! If it doesn't gel properly you probably did something wrong, like use less bone. Don't worry if that happens though. All you've got to do is put the stock back into the pot and reduce the volume a bit.
All in all, making fresh stock isn't difficult. It's just that you've got to stay home the entire time it's cooking and you have to watch over it, making sure the water level doesn't get too low.

Hope I've been of some help.

P.S. So you know, this recipe will make plenty of stock. When I make it I'm typically eating ramen for a few days or more. Get people to help you eat it!

11th January 2004, 07:16
Singapore Ramen (Laksa)

Boil your men (noodles). Stir fry some bean sprouts and pork that has been sliced as thin as bacon, (or Chicken).

Make up a stock with coconut milk (canned) and a spoon of a decent curry paste to taste and water. Sweet, hot, whatever you like.

Noodles in the stock. Beansprouts and pork on top.


Hyakutake Colin

Paulo K. Ogino
11th January 2004, 14:05
Thank you guys!... I'm hungry now!!!... now hands on!!!

C-ya!!! :smilejapa

Pete Knox
12th January 2004, 14:59
I like to add Kimchi. When it soaks up into the broth, it gives everything a nice hot, peppery taste. Very good.

15th January 2004, 19:16
I make this for my son all the time because he loves it(and so do I), and it is very easy.

Very simple:

Boil your noodles, then add some chicken or fish stock and bring to a simmer. Add freshly shaved ginger, soy sauce, beaten egg, and chopped green onions (and any other vegetables). Simmer until the egg cooks, and serve.

Pete Knox
15th January 2004, 20:47
That sounds pretty good, BC -- have you ever had it and added some fish/chicken/beef to it (besides the stock I mean)? It sounds like it work pretty well. BTW, just curious -- is the beaten egg added only for flavor, or does it thicken it up also?

Tea Guy
15th January 2004, 23:50
What's nice to add on top is pork. Pork is wonderful with ramen. Sometimes I'll use Chinese Char Siu on it (after all, ramen has it's origins in China anyway).
You can use a simmered or roasted pork on it. Works wonders. You should season the pork first though.


19th January 2004, 18:18
I assume you've all seen Tampopo ?


Tea Guy
19th January 2004, 22:56
Y'know, I think I heard of it, but I've never seen it. Isn't it about a woman who opens a ramen shop?


Scars Unseen
24th March 2004, 02:41
This one isn't a real Japanese recipe, it's a bastardized western improvisation(of which I have made many) that I used to help thin out my then overwhelming supply of ramen noodle soup. Once again, I know nothing about traditional Japanese cooking, so be forewarned.

2 pork steaks(could use other meat, but pork is cheap)
1 tablespoon butter
2 packages pork ramen soup
dash of salt
dash of cayenne pepper
couple tablespoons soy sauce(or whatever amount you're used to)
1 cup water
1 cup sake

Real easy recipe. Just cut up the pork steaks to preferred size, brown it in the butter under medium-low heat. Then you mix in the rest of the ingredients and let it simmer in a covered skillet until the liquid is absorbed by the ramen, stirring occasionally. Enjoy.

If anyone has any improvements for this, I'd love to hear it. I pretty much taguht myself to cook, and am more accustomed to Mexican cooking, despite my lack of hispanic origins.

Jason Chambers
24th March 2004, 17:28
All of those old dehydrated entree's that used to come with MREs (beef patty/pork patty/etc) go great in a hot cup of Ramen... but that's when you are out in the field and eating TRats, instead of good old mess hall food.