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Joshua Ray
9th February 2004, 14:36
Ok first off. I am a noob when it comes to martial arts. I am a lover of Japanese history and culture and have collected a few blades here and there but have NOTHING past book knowledge.

A friend of mine at work has started studying Kendo with one Dr. Kotaka Sadao, Headmaster of the Sakurai-ha Kohgen Itto-Ryu Kenjutsu system and Founder of the United States Classical Kendo Federation.

My friend is taking the class with his teenage son. He studied martial arts at one time in Japan and he is quite impressed with the skill and spirit of Kotaka Sensei.

The classes are taught in Columbus, Ohio at a dojo on campus of The Ohio State University. Apparently Kotaka Sensei teaches for an OSU Kendo club.

Lessons are given free of charge and anyone is invited to participate as much as their schedule allows. meaning there is no problem if you want to attend once a month, a week, or all the time.

My friend feels that Dr. Sadao is the real deal old school budo with a strong and palpable spirit.

My question to you people is: Is this a reputable dojo that I could truely benefit from? I am more interested in the cultural and spiritual aspects of this more than learning how to fight with a sword. I live in Columbus and this sensei seems a little too good to be true for this area full of gaijin budo wannabes.

So if anyone has some info on this Sensei I would appreciate it. Good or Bad.

9th February 2004, 15:15
I've heard nothing but good things about Kotaka-sensei, although I haven't met him myself. I'd say you're in good hands.

Charlie Kondek
9th February 2004, 16:22
Second that.

9th February 2004, 20:36
The clue was 'free of charge'...;) usually the Mcdojos charge a fortune to join, grade a lot (for a fee of course) and have high lesson fees and 'private lessons' at an even higher cost. Join now!:D

9th February 2004, 22:07
Originally posted by Joshua Ray
My friend feels that Dr. Sadao is the real deal old school budo with a strong and palpable spirit.

PS that would be Dr. Kotaka, or Kotaka-sensei.