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13th February 2004, 01:20

Evidently (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24446) I will miss the big Koryu demonstrations this year in Japan but I was wondering if anyone would recommend the videos of the 39th annual kyoto koryu demonstration (http://tozando.com/eng/video/koryuvideo.html) that Tozando.com sells. My only reservation about just buying them is that they have no english subtitles, which doesn't really surprise me given the small market. My nihongo is pretty weak, but they may be interesting to watch despite this. A search for Koryu+video in this and other forums led me far afield from what I was looking for.

Please be assured I am certainly not going to try to learn koryu from a video! But if you can recommend this or another video, I would be grateful. I am principally interested in getting to see some clips of koryu/kobudo that I am not likely to study, such as kyudo or jukendo or different ryu to compare with the one I do study. Thank you for the help.

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13th February 2004, 04:16
Well, I demo'd at the 41st, so wait for that video! ;)
It's probably interesting, though I was surprised by many of the demos. Quite a number were...interesting.


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pete lohstroh
13th February 2004, 18:02
Mr. Kuroda,
would you mind describing some of the more "interesting" demonstrations? You piqued my interest.

Earl Hartman
13th February 2004, 18:40
Ren is being diplomatc. I'm pretty sure that in this case "interesting" means "Dude, what the hell was THAT?"

pete lohstroh
14th February 2004, 00:11
Mr. Hartman,
yes! Hence, the piqued interest and the ironic use of quotation marks.
Be they disappointing, bizarre,or outstanding, I am interested.

Have a good weekend.

16th February 2004, 00:33
Well, I can't remember the exact ryuha (even if I could I'd still be diplomatic and say I can't remember) but, for example, when we were demoing our cutting ( the kata and cutting going on next to us was...interesting.
Lots of screaming and jumping about, and in the end doing cutting that we teach to beginners who are just learning how to verify hasuji when cutting for the first time.

Other 'interesting' demos included:
* the "soke" who drove up in a huge white Mercedes, sporting huge gold Rolex on one arm, trophy wife on the other arm, whose kata was less than stunning.

* the old man (and I mean OLD) who nearly cut his own foot off several times. It looked like he was so feeble he could barely hold the sword up, let alone stop it from swinging all the way down into his own leg. When he finished we applauded, relieved that he'd live (at least another day; he was so old we couldn't be sure.)

* the open-hand aiki/ju/not quite sure techniques which included the sensei throughing five guys at once -- they all lined up holding each other's shoulders and the sensei through the first guy, causing all five to cascade into a roll. Looked cool, that's for sure.

And then after the demos they did testing for Butokusai ranks (?) and some guy got like 7dan or something, which in Mugairyu is basically Menkyo (Naganuma-sensei, the white-haired sensei in the videos, is 7dan) and I was looking at him going "Butokusai 7dan?"


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pete lohstroh
16th February 2004, 18:53
Mr. Kuroda,
I appreciate you taking the time, thank you!