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13th February 2004, 07:02
Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone here knows of any kendo, kumdo, iaido, or any Japanese sword arts dojos or training groups in or close by South Bend, Indiana?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best wishes,
Chih Ming Tan

14th February 2004, 03:42
Here's Indianapolis info.:

15th February 2004, 07:58
Hi, Arnisador! Thanks for the helpful links. Unfortunately, Indianapolis and Bloomington are like around 4 hours from South Bend. I was kind of hoping there might be people closer by to train with.

I should add that I have around 3 years experience with kendo, so at the very least, I know the basic drills and how a session should go. So, anyway, if anyone is located around South Bend, IN, have previous experience with kendo, and would like to form a kendo/kumdo *informal* (in the sense that unless we have a sandan, it can't technically be a formal club) practice club, please contact me.

Best wishes,
Chih Ming

Charlie Kondek
16th February 2004, 18:47
Have you checked the listings in the Find a Dojo Near You section of www.kendo-usa.org ?

16th February 2004, 19:23
I think www.auskf.info is probably more current these days, they've just announced a big update (or maybe it's still in progress). Anyways, that's the offical AUSKF site, the other one is also good, just not official.

20th February 2004, 02:12
Hey, Charlie and Neil!

Yes, I've looked at both those dojo listings (although I think the AUSKF one is still being updated?). It's a little disappointing, I'm afraid....BUT, I've contacted the Japanese Club people at U of Indiana-South Bend; I hope they find someone with kendo experience who's in the same shoes as I am (fingers crossed!). :D

Thanks for all your help anyway. If you hear of anyone in or near South Bend who needs a practise partner, please do pass along the info.

Best wishes,
Chih Ming Tan