View Full Version : RyuKyu Kempo vs Jujitsu Tactics

13th February 2004, 16:16
I have recently visited a school that does a hybrid style of jujitsu. It seems to me that much of the philosophy behind the techniques is to first stop the attack with a simultaneous block/strike or parry strike/combination, followed by other multiple strikes, followed by a throwing or sweeping technique, and finally into a controlling sort of technique.

Of course, this being a jujitsu school you know that most of the throwing techniques were very violent throws in terms of velocity and the amount of rotation the person being thrown had. Well, just being a beginner in RyuKyu Kempo (Oyata) I really haven't seen enough to really put together a philosophy of the system. I really don't know if the same type of tactics are used. Are throws in the system? Are these types of throws in the system? How about chaining the strikes together?

I was wondering if anyone can provide insight?