View Full Version : Paul Chen Spec Ed Practical Katana and cleaning kit

18th February 2004, 07:14
Hello, Im selling a "Paul Chen Special Edition Practical Katana" and a cleaning kit in wooden box (used only once on this sword). The sword is brand new, cleaned once, never been used except for the battle depicted below. The sword is an enhanced version of the "Practical Katana" series by Paul Chen and it retails at US$450 approx. As an Ebudo offer Ill sell it for $US350 plus the cleaning kit free. Buyer pays for s/h fees, PM me for more info.
<img src="http://photopile.com/photos/rkaelin/auctions/94640.jpg">

18th February 2004, 08:06
Did you happen to drink too much, while watching your kids? Or is this just a bad photo?

18th February 2004, 13:01
What is different about the special edition version vs. the standard or the practical plus?

18th February 2004, 16:45
Its actually called "Practical Katana PLUS". It is a bit longer than the usual practical katana 41' overall vs 39.5' Also it has a real rayskin handle and black leather wrap vs the fake one in the normal practical katana. The best difference though is that this one can be broken down into pieces so you can modify it to your own taste.

18th February 2004, 16:54
As for the picture, I took it for a funny thread in the "Sword Arts" forum of this site :)