View Full Version : What rank have you achieved?

Kawakami Gensai
11th March 2004, 23:37
And how long have you been training for? Oh and of course, what style do you take. Okinawan shorinryu, san-kyu grade (just a few more belts to black!), for four years now. You?

12th March 2004, 02:15
Just over four years.

sepai 85
12th March 2004, 22:19
5 years who cares what rank I am it doesnt matter not saying that out of disrespect but just because someone is a yudansha does not mean it should go to there head

Old Dragon
13th March 2004, 00:11
Did I miss something or does it appear that this thread starts in the middle of a conversation?

Mike O'leary

13th March 2004, 01:03
Nope, you didn't miss anything, Old Dragon. You are looking for something deep and profound on a thread just started by a new member trying to get comfortable with who is hanging around here.

Old Dragon
13th March 2004, 03:13

Ok now I get it, sorry, old eyes and thick brain mucas can slow anyone down.

ME: training......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see...... got both hands up, shoes off,,,,,,,,,,,,, and crossing my eyes. YUP>>> that long.

rank........ahhhh who cares...... its not white cause I had it so long it got dirty.

Style... Isshin ryu, Ryu Kyu Kobudo. And a whole bunch of other stuff along the way.

so now that's out of the way, ya wanna talk karate?

Mike O'leary

13th March 2004, 11:51
I studied Isshinryu for about a year. I'm afraid Law School won out on the priority listing, not to mention the new twins.

Some practical stuff. I started my journey over twenty years ago, but kept setting up camp along the road. I think I have finally got the momentum going fast enough to keep me going.

I head out in about two hours for a two hour class. If I'm lucky there will be a hachidan leading class and one godan who will concentrate on working with me, prepping for my shodan test in July. Before I go I need to do the books for my dojo (I teach kids only) for the week and pay my assistants.

We have a kids' kata tourny coming up the end of the month. I only have one person, sempai, who has been to one before, so there is a lot of coaching to do.

Oh, yeah! I've just started training in the Canemaster system. I'm very excited about the possibilities and doing some seminars at my church and senior citizen homes.

Life is good!

Kawakami Gensai
14th March 2004, 22:27
Rank doesn't really matter actually. What I should say is how hard do you practice and how often do you practice. Yes! That shall hereby be the topic of this thread.

Old Dragon
15th March 2004, 23:14

If I may be so bold, you are battling an age old question. In meeting people how do we determine their experience level without going into politics.

Over time I have come up with a basic question that is a good ice breaker and has a tell all answer.

How Long Have You Been Training? ......... and then when they tell you 105 years........you say....... "Consistently" ?????????

then all the truth comes out and it leads you to other dicussion.

I been training somewhere around 22 or 23 years in Isshin Ryu, with 2 years slow training for a serious injury. Prior to that I trained on and off in different styles over 10 years or so. Never did gain black belt in any of the earlier styles. I have also seriously trained in Kobudo and did gain rank in that.

Along the way I have done 6 month sessions in different styles for my own interest while running the dojo. Currently my training is down again because of health problems so I only spend 10 hours a week in the dojo, give or take depending on the week.

I also hold a full time job and get to retire in a few years.......geee what should I do when I retire eh? hahahha

Mike O'leary

6th April 2004, 13:45
ikkyu; autumn this year it will be 10 years training and study... I guess when you're married, after 10 years you should know of the worst mistakes not to do :p maybe it is somewhat the same in Karate.

Gene Williams
6th April 2004, 14:57
I've been training continuously since 1970. Rokudan in Motobu-ha Shito-ryu/Kancho.

7th April 2004, 07:05
What also should be considered is, what kind of sports - if any - did the person before martial arts.

The motorical skills founded while growing up make a BIG difference. People, which did no sports in their youth have a harder time learning movements and such. Sometimes this is the simple reason wether being talented or not.

For example, I've played soccer for a long time since my youth. Do you think through this my legs have been prepared for a reasonable use in martial arts? You can bet ;)

25th April 2004, 15:47
19 years since '85. I was at a camp recently and got the impression that it's a question you don't ask. I asked one of the people there in passing and he replied "I'm up there". I am not taking the "high horse", but do you ask your prof at university his qualifications, or do they speak for themselves in dee, word and action?
I have always found that those who need to flex their rank muscles are usually having confidence problems...

Gene Williams
25th April 2004, 22:15
Sports before karate...HS baseball, HS football, YMCA boxing, college baseball.

26th April 2004, 05:04
I have always found that those who need to flex their rank muscles are usually having confidence problems...

I am Mudansha, yippieh.;)

K Dub
28th April 2004, 18:14
I studied judo for a couple of years when I was young, then I trained in Shotokan to brown belt. Total of about 10-12 years there.

Then I took a decade off, had 4 kids and got fat and bald.

Now I'm studying Uechi-Ryu.

We don't worry too much about rank in our dojo. Sensei is a 5th Dan, but he never wears his belt (actually, I didn't find out what rank he was until I asked several times). In fact, most of us don't. Anyone used to watching McDojo workouts would be very confused.

Liam Cognet
11th May 2004, 00:20
Since you asked...

I started when I was 12(I'm now 23). My father was in the army so we moved constantly. Goju Ryu - Shotokan - Shito Ryu - Shukokai - Koryu Uchinadi - Goju Ryu(again). Shodan in Shito Ryu, other than that mudansha. As well as Goju I also train now in Iaido/Kenjutsu.

I found it good to dabble in various styles to see what I liked.

Roderick Titan
12th May 2004, 23:01
Nidan under the International ShuriTe Karate/Kobujutsu Association. That's the only rank I have that means anything to me. I have so much to learn!