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15th March 2004, 01:23
I have been reading a bit about Wadoryu recently, and have a couple questions for anyone who is familiar with this style.

I read that Wadoryu includes jujutsu practice (Shinto Yoshin Ryu). I'd like to know how much this is generally practiced. Is it a main part of practice? Also, I'd like to know what your karate practice consists of (kata, weapons, kumite, etc.).

I'd like to see a Wadoryu training session, could someone refer me to a Wadoryu dojo in the Kyoto/Nara area in Japan?

Mike Johnson

Casper Baar
15th March 2004, 15:13
Hello Mike,

I hope I can answer your questions. The jujitsu is mixed in with the karate (or the other way around) it's not two distinct different parts. Most importantly all techniques are practised in a way that is influenced by jujitsu or other Japanese arts. For instance blocks are performed sweeping (nagashi) or parrying instead of at a 90 degree angle. Prearranged drills (yakusoku kumites) often end with a breaking off balance (kuzushi) but not necessarily always followed by a throw. Taisabaki is emphasized a lot.
Throws, locks and sweeps are taught. Also idori and other typical jujitsu training is practised but to say that these techniques are jujitsu and other techniques are karate would be too simple (i.m.o.).
No ground techniques are in the curriculum.

Pinanís Shodan, -Nidan, -Sandan, -Yondan, -Godan
Kushanku, Naihanchi, Chinto, Seishan,
Basai, Jitte, Niseishi, Rohai, Wanshu, Jion, (and Suparinpei, by some sensei)

Rather extensive to describe all kumite. The kihon kumite will give you a good impression. You can find pictures on http://www.wadoworld.com/index.html, select technical then kumite.
avi-movies on http://home-1.worldonline.nl/~martg/ select kumite
Also idori, tantodori and tachidori (or shinken shirahadori) are taught, usually after shodan. The last two are defence against knife and sword. Weaponwork itself is not taught in the wado-curriculum.

I'm sorry I can't help you with an adress for a dojo in Kyoto. Some senior wado-practitioners brows this forum perhaps they can help.

good luck,

18th March 2004, 00:53

Thanks for the info and links. Hopefully I'll get some feedback on the Kyoto training locations.

Best Regards,
Mike Johnson

22nd March 2004, 12:51
I don't read Japanese but this might help, or at least is a starting point.


24th March 2004, 01:08
Thanks Gordon,

I see there are a few branches in both Osaka and Nara, and one Nara branch appears to be a short drive south from here.

I'll go check it out.

Thanks again,
Mike Johnson