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John Lindsey
23rd October 2000, 04:20
Check out this:



Anyone know the story behind these things? Oh, and don't tell me they are for lonely Samurai to relax with before a big match :).

Seriously, check out the stuff Uncle Kim has for sale. I don't mind giving him a free plug....

23rd October 2000, 04:56
John ...

Let's see. Where does "Unka Kim" live? Right ... Canada. And what do lonely Canadians do on cold winter nights? Right, sleep with a fur hat to keep the top warm :redhot:.


John Lindsey
23rd October 2000, 05:10
Ok, here is a box full of my favorite tsuba:


visit http://www.krispykreme.com for ordering info :).

23rd October 2000, 16:46
But wouldn't that fur feel nice on those cold winter days in the unheated dojo? It would make you shift your grip too close to the tsuba though!

23rd October 2000, 18:45
Well I don't believe fur is murder, but you should have seen the cow that hide came off of!!!
Besides it gives you something to rub when you get nervous during those ...ahem...awkward moments.

Meik Skoss
24th October 2000, 12:09
Those objects are generally known as "gaijin tsuba" back in the Land of the Sinking Yen, gaijin bein' another word for "furriners," doncha know?

Ulf Lehmann
28th October 2000, 10:38
Hara Shinkichi describes various kinds of non-metal tsuba in "Japanische Schwertzierrate" (book 1931).
Japanese used wooden or leather tsuba (neri tsuba) for ceremonial weapons in ancient times. The "combat-tsuba" was build of iron covered with leather (mokko tsuba).
The author says this kind of handguard was use until the 15. century...

best regards

Ulf Lehmann