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Steven Malanosk
7th April 2004, 10:59

It is with a sorrow that I cannot possibly express, that I must announce that my father Grand Master Peter Urban, Founder of USA GoJu and American KaraTe pioneer, passed away this morning from kidney failure.

He is survived by his daughter Julia, myself and the rest of our GoJu family.

S Ford-Powell
7th April 2004, 12:24
Many sympathies for your loss, Steven

be well


7th April 2004, 13:27
My condolences.


7th April 2004, 14:06
Hoo - what a shock.

My deepest condolences to all the family,

7th April 2004, 17:43
My condolences to you, Steven, and the rest of the family.

7th April 2004, 18:20
I'm sorry to hear that, Steven. Mr. Urban had quite an influence on all of us in the US, whether we knew it or not. I offer my condolences to you and your family.

7th April 2004, 19:19
It's sad to see Grandmaster Urban go. He did so much for Karate in America.

May he rest in peace!

Goju Man
7th April 2004, 22:25
My condolences to you and yours Steve.

7th April 2004, 23:16

8th April 2004, 01:35
Best wishes Steve.

Urban Sensei was a great inspiration to many of us and
his impact has affected us in ways that we may never
really fully appreciate.


8th April 2004, 02:10
To all of Urban sensei's family and students,

My heartfelt condolences.

I remember his book, "The Karate Dojo" was among the first Martial Arts books I read and then later collected. After reading it, I remember asking why is Go-ju Ryu different from what I do and what do our arts have in common? The answer to that quest is still ongoing...so thank you Sensei Urban. I still am reading and enquiring.


8th April 2004, 04:34
I am sadend by the passing of Great Grand Master Urban, To find out online hurts even more. I have had the pleasure of meeting Master Urban when I was younger and remember the words he uttered to me when signing and taking a picture with me at the All American Goju Invitational "Keep the fighting spirit of GOJU". That he did with all of us, his family and ryu. Condolences to his Family.

Thank you Master Urban for keeping that spirit and sharing it with all of us. GOD BLESS, GOJU USA forever OOSSSssss.

Patrick McCarthy
8th April 2004, 10:52
Dear Steve san,

Thanks for sharing the sad news and condolences to you, the family and the many students he inspired over the course of his life. Truly the end of a generation.

I also just heard that Uehara Seikichi (Motobu Ryu) passed away a few days ago, too.


Patrick McCarthy

Steven Malanosk
8th April 2004, 12:52
Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

Yes Patrick Samma, it is truly the end of an era.

One of wonderful memories.

My comfort is in knowing that he is most probably enjoying a reunion with Richard Kim, Gogen Yamaguchi and Mas Oyama as we speak.

By the way Patrick, I have been getting return "Mailer Damon" advisory as to your email address being over capacity for a while now.

Patrick McCarthy
8th April 2004, 13:04
Dear Steve san,

Nice to hear back from you. I changed our e-mail address a few months back (to bujin@koryu-uchinadi.com) because the high volume of junk mail and spam.

Kind regards


Rob Alvelais
8th April 2004, 15:07
My condolences to you, Steve, and to all of the USA Goju Family.


8th April 2004, 17:53
Its seems that he had been ill for a little while now. But I guess thats what real fighters do--- just keep plugging along despite the adversity. I am sure there is no small pride in the family that such a person touched so many lives-- and for the better.

My deepest sympathies,


Steven Malanosk
9th April 2004, 04:18
Thanks guys,

As to him being a fighter, yes, he had undergone numerous surgeries about 12 or 13 years ago, and then a heart attack on his 60th birthday, then a couple of years ago, the final bout with lung cancer in which he had a lung removed. He died of kidney failure with a blood infection and pneumonia jumping in.

He was sedated for a couple days, and when the sedation was stopped, he never came to.

However he left, then came back, twice, and exited this reality on the third round.

Even unconcious "to us," he fought death to the end.

How did he live?


How did he die?


He is still very much alive.

If you would like to see him

Look into my eyes, the next time you see me.

9th April 2004, 06:05

I've been away for the past couple days and just found out. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a great man who was a pioneer in the foundation of martial arts in America. My sensei, Don Nagle, was a good friend of his and must be happy to see him once again. Again, sorry for that family's loss.

9th April 2004, 07:21
My heartfelt condolences. Semper Fi.

Brian Owens
9th April 2004, 08:17
As the saying goes; every man dies, not every man lives.

I believe that Peter Urban lived. And that he brought real life to others.

His book The Karate Dojo is largely responsible for me entering the martial arts as a teenager.

I know he will be missed, but I believe the greater part of him will always be with us.


Paul Kerr
9th April 2004, 08:35
Sincere condolences.

9th April 2004, 15:07
To the U.S.A. Goju-Jitsu Family:

Like many, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Urban, Sensei. I first met him in the early 60s in his Chinatown Dojo and became friends with several of his students. His contributions to the arts are both numerous and permanent. Always controversial, always demanding better thinking, always demanding better "doing", he was indeed a unique individual.

May he rest in eternal peace.


Bill Hayes
Major, U. S. Marine Corps Retired
"Old Student" of Shorin-ryu Karate-do

Hank Irwin
9th April 2004, 19:44
"To those that have gone before us"(rei)
Wa tak she tay ne rei O'Senseis

Steven Malanosk
9th April 2004, 19:48
All of your condolences are greatly appreciated and copy of this thread will be shown at the All GoJu International event "Urban Cup" which will be held at the John Jay College Of Criminal Justice in NYC on the last sunday of this month = April.

There will also be a meeting of senior masters after the event.

Yes, Shihan Hayes, The Sensei spoke well of you when you would come up in our conversations of his and my experiences in the far east. He seemed to equate you with Shimabuku Sensei, which definately would make sense.

Kevin Meisner
9th April 2004, 21:44
Steve, sorry to hear about your loss. I wrote to Peter Urban a few years ago to thank him for writing his interesting books. One of my friends from college years ago was a USA Goju black belt under a student of Al Gotay in NYC. He told me lots of interesting stories about Peter Urban and was the one who got me interested in his books. Also, Manny Agrella, an old friend of Peter Urban, taught martial arts at my college. I had the opportunity to study Kendo with Mr. Agrella and he had all sorts of good things to say about Peter Urban. Again, sorry to hear this sad news, I hope all goes smoothly with your Senior Masters meeting and USA Goju in general.


Kevin Meisner

Joseph Svinth
10th April 2004, 03:01
Although I read his book, I never met or corresponded with the man. You always regret the ones you didn't meet, or at least write to.

My condolences to family, friends, and students.

Steven Malanosk
13th April 2004, 04:18

14th April 2004, 18:41
I wish to add my condolences to all family members and friends and fellow students of Grand Master Urban on his passing. He made a tremendous positive contribution to the martial arts and produced many many fine senior Karate-Ka.

He will be greatly missed...

Thank you for teaching us Sensei


Karate Freak
27th April 2004, 05:38
I wish to give my condolences to all family, friends, and those who knew him. I had the good fortune of meeting Sensei Urban at the Al Gotay Open in 2000. Unfortuantly I couldnt make it to any of the other tournaments. It is a memory I will never forget.

Stay strong,

From Canada,