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12th April 2004, 21:54
Hi, my name is Zac Hubert and I am new here. This is a broad topic, so I didn't know where to post, I couldn't find a dojo locator here. And it's a bit difficult to classify under one of the sub-sections. If however, this is out of place, please feel free to move it.

I live in Stuart, FL, yeah most people in this state don't know where it is. It's in Martin Country, around Jupiter, Indiantown, St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce, Hobe Sound, etc. I just moved here, so I was hoping to join a local dojo.

I visited two, but couldn't figure out much, because everyone was scattered about, practicing their own drills. And I was a bit timid to ask the instructors any question, in case they are improper issue or not.

I've also managed to explore a few sites in the web about dojos near where I live. I came across one that seemed suspicious, it seemed the site designer was praising a guy named "Grandmaster XXX, invented Shaolin Kempo Karate just over three decades." The art originated in the east, but the grandmaster is not eastern. Not that I am trying to sound unethically stereotypical here, but I thought Shaolin Kempo Karate style is very old to have any recent grandmaster.

So I was hoping if anyone here knew any renowned and qualified instructors in my area? Regardless of the style of the martial art, whether armed (kendo/iaido etc) or unarmed(karate/kung fu etc), any good one would do. Suffice to say, I have little to no experience in Judo from previous institution. Thank you very much for your help and reading this .

Robert Cheshire
13th April 2004, 04:22
I don't profess to know the geography of Florida, but, there are two (soon to be three) excellant Yoseikan Budo teachers in Florida.

Mike Fore lives in Pensacola and was a uchi deshi at our former hombu in Japan.

Glenn Pack is the United States Technical Director for Yoseikan Budo and recently moved to De Land. His wife who is a 5th dan will be joining him in May once the school year, for their son is completed.

For more info on Yoseikan Budo you can view the sites in my sig. We are not associated with Patrick Auge or his organization with a similar name. Note that is in no way ment to be a slight on him or his abilities or organization.

Happy dojo hunting!

Robert Cheshire
13th April 2004, 04:29
Just looked at MapQuest. Mike's would be way too damn far. Glenn's is far, but, might be worth a Saturday trip once he starts up weekend classes again. He is the head of the counseling services at Stetson University if you ever want to contact him and find out more about his classes.

13th April 2004, 14:34
This is the third forum on E-budo this has been posted. Please pick a forum and post your request. If it isn't the correct one, a moderator will help you get it posted in the correct one.

I'll let it go for now seeing that Yoseikan Budo is being discussed in the judo forum, but any further away from judo than that, and I will move this or delete it.

Amazing: three forums, three threads, all the same.


Edit in: Make that six forums, including Sword. Could you please, please stop cross-posting in so many forums? It becomes mighty tedious to clean up, so I'm guessing you've never posted in any forum before, or that you have, and other powers will not allow it or they don't care, though I know most do not like it.

Please, one forum, one post. That means, you don't cross-copy the same post to every sub-forum under the sun. It can create problems, so while your post is fine, it is obvious you don't care what it is you do as long as it is legitimate, right? Well, find the nearest judo club and play there. Generally that equates with decent instruction in something which has remained the same for some 120 years. Or, find the Yoseikan Budo dojo and play there. Post it once, and if it is in the wrong place, it will be moved with a redirect to make sure you can find it easily.

But, I suppose this is why the pay us the big bucks, huh?

I am about to have a rough day, I think.;)


13th April 2004, 20:41
Sorry about that, but I first posted this at Member's Lounge, people over there suggested that I should post it at specific sub-sections since there are people who do not visit the Member's Lounge and vice versa, or do not visit sub-sections of styles they do not train under.

14th April 2004, 12:36
That would have been fine, in one forum, the one which is closest to what you are searching out.

The one in the Lounge, I think, was moved to gendai budo. Since it seems that is the basic direction you are going in, it would have been a better choice. Really, I doubt any suggested you post in six fora, I'm sure the meaning was to post it in one of those.

It isn't your post, and while I don't think there is any rule whic specifies you don't cross post like that, it is one of those things which adds to long download times, or rather contributes to it.

If you were looking for judo (or something closely related) that would have been fine, but you are going from judo to karate to sword, to aikido, and now it is in gendai. I don't recall where the other ones are, but how about I move this thread to Gendai budo since that is where it probably should have gone in the first place.

Yes, one of your threads is all ready there, but it can be merged into one, OK?

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Let's see what happens there. People are all ready responding in Gendai. Judo is a sub-forum of Gendai so it won't do any harm. I'll leave a redirect so anyone in the judo forum can use it to get to the thread. If you find yourself looking for judo, you can repost here, just don't copy/paste, write another for this forum.

BTW: Judo is generally the easiest to find, the least costly, and even if you don't stay, a couple of years would give you better basics than some.


14th April 2004, 20:30
Here is a link on the judoinfo.com website to a list of judo dojos in Florida. http://www.judoinfo.com/clubsusa.htm#fl

There is one dojo listed in Stuart, but I have no personal information about it. The link to the Stuart club on the judoinfo site is outdated, but here is a current direct link http://users.inetw.net/~rgarceau/

Good luck.