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24th October 2000, 15:56

I was wondering how many people believe strongly in the testing (shime) of the kata sanchin (as found in Uechi Ryu and Goju Ryu). More specifically the degree of the severity of such tests, i.e. using full force punches and kicks to using 2x2ís and baseball bats.
I have read about or seem both extremes and was wondering if the answer didnít lie somewhere in the middle.

Thank you for your participation.

25th October 2000, 09:02
Testing was originally done in this, by pushing, not smacking full force.

One takes karate to learn how NOT to get hit, not how to take a full force blow, imo.

If you use tai sabaki based defense in kaate, the response to unarmed and armed attack is the same.

Use sanchin conditioning against a knife attack and you die.

Get out of the way. It's in the katas.

Two yen worth.

Hank Irwin
3rd November 2000, 02:11
You can't hurt these people, can you?