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Ken Allgeier
14th April 2004, 17:15
I am haveing problems with my PM section.Every time I recive a PM , I recive a notice that my PM is full. I moved most of my PM to other folder, because I want to save them, and not wanting to delete them.How can I make my PM work?

ken allgeier

John Lindsey
14th April 2004, 17:20
You can only have 100 messages total. You will have to delete some.

14th April 2004, 18:31

Ah, you want to save them? This is what you do, since your box is full...

Ok. When you get to your PM box, decide what you want to keep. Then, what you do, is while your browser is still up, open up your e-mail, since you can make a folder there for the messages.(Or, use Word if you want. I never do, if I choose to save a PM, because it's simpler to just put them into a folder in my e-mail.)

Anyway, once you are in your e-mail(I use Outlook Express, so this is what I am using as an example.), go to "create message" to get a new window to save the PM in. You can click many times to get as many as you want, so you don't have to come back each time to get a new one. Just minimize them, and pick them one by one.

So, then either close or minimize the e-mail application. Then, make sure the "NEW MESSAGE" windows are minimized. Now you can open a PM you wish to save, in your e-budo mail. What you do now, is put your curser at the beginning of the message and then highlight the entire message by holding down the left button on the mouse/touch pad, and then by moving the mouse/finger on touchpad, highlighting the message so it is now all blue.(You can also just put your curser in the middle of the PM and right-click and then choose "SELECT ALL" which will highlight everything blue, too.) Then, right click on the mouse/touch pad and click "COPY." Then, open one of those new windows, and put your curser inside the empty space and then click "PASTE." Now, your PM you wanted to keep, is there! Then, put a message title to remind you of who it is from and what the subject is, and then, close the window. When it askes you if you want to "SAVE CHANGES," choose "YES." Then, voila, it is saved in your drafts folder!

Then, repeat this with every PM you wish to save. And, after you make sure it is saved into your e-mail or Word, then delete it out of your e-budo inbox or whatever folder it was in. Then, your box will not be full anymore.

Well, I hope I wasn't too confusing...

I hope this helps!


Ken Allgeier
21st April 2004, 04:40
Thank You for the suggestions, I only have about 40 PM right now, and to make it simple I am going to transfer them to my hard-drive, hope this works.

22nd April 2004, 02:58

You're welcome!

Well, good luck transferring them to your hard drive. I had no idea you even could, and don't know how to do that, hehehe!