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16th April 2004, 03:41
This site is connected to the reputed last Koga ninja, Fujita Seiko. This site concentrates on his ninjutsu parctice, but, will also be of interest to Shito Ryu tradions and anyone connected to Taira Shinken and Konishi Yasuhiro.

The facts of this site are collected from impartial resources and testify to Fujita's true legacy. Please read the entire document before formulating an opinion. Critiques and comments are welcome

Rob Alvelais
16th April 2004, 05:20
Page ain't there.



28th April 2004, 08:14
It's withou www:



28th April 2004, 09:59
Hello Phillip,

concerning the "Nan Ban Sato Ryu Kenpo-Jutsu" you posted in a different thread, there is an info about a possible connection of that style at

where it is stated that Yasuhiro obtained license from "Nanban Kito-Ryu." Maybe this helps.