View Full Version : Sumo as a martial art

6 Pack
3rd May 2004, 01:39
Sumotori have not had the best of luck when competing in MMA competition. The most recent example was Henry Miller's fight with Giant Silva of Brazil.

Miller got the takedown, and even passed Silva's guard with ease. Then he did very little in terms of striking, and got caught in a kimura from the bottom. An arm lock he could have gotten out of by simply rolling forward. The fight was his fight to loose, and sadly, he didt.

Is Sumo a martial art? It has many Judo throws, and is a form of grappling, so why so little success in MMA?

I hope Henry Miller trains better and Sumo gets a guy in there who can win a few fights on a major show like Pride. Miller trains with submission expert Sakuraba, so may be we will see some improvements.

6 Pack
8th May 2004, 10:36
I agree Sumo wrestlers need to round themselves off better if they are to compete in MMA. It is just too bad the fighters that came from Sumo did not do so. To date almost all the fighters seem to have not cross trained much.

BTW I agree Sumo is a martial art.