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3rd May 2004, 14:19
Hello E-Budo Community,

A friend of mine made a copy of a Learning Channel program called Top 10 Marshall Arts.

One of the arts featured was Juko-Kai. It seemed interesting, as it demonstrated something called Combat Ki. Is this stuff for real?

It was impressive to watch, but I can't find any material to research it.

He claims he studied under okinawan masters and is pictured with Kise Sensei. (Yet, he claims to be a soke)

Any information would be helpfull. I am looking for exercises, descriptions, history and philosophy.

Thanks for everything.


3rd May 2004, 14:24
Please do a search function on e-Budo using the words "Juko Kai".

After about three days of reading you can come back and post your own opinion.

Never mind about that post, it most likely has been written.


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Michael Bland
3rd May 2004, 18:11
And for your reference on a quick (my) opinion:
No - it's not real. And these guys have nothing to do with Okinawan martial arts.

3rd May 2004, 20:04
Yeah, I know a lot of people seem to dis-believe stuff.


On the same video there was a Shaolin Monk that put a spear in his throat and bent the spear.... The monk also was standing on a bed of nails...

And I have seen video of Sensei Kise with a knife thrusted between his hands without getting cut.

My question is if these things are really happening, what are the exercises, be it physical conditioning, like what I do by thrusting my hands into a bucket of steel ball berrings, or meditative, or both.

If the Juko-Kai stuff is bs, then how do they do it? If it is all bs, I want to find out.

4th May 2004, 11:05
Just to fill you in, these feats of amazing Chi/ki are nothing more than tricks of physics to wow crowds. I currently train in 7 star praying mantis (and have just started Goju ryu) and my sifu used to break chopsticks on his throat. The only slightly impressive thing about it is the pain control side of it.
The bed of nails thing is due to the amount of nails on the bed. It spreads the weight distribution to the point that each nail has about 1/10th the amount of weight on it that would allow it to pierce the skin. If someone could lay on 4 nails, and it not pierce them, that would impress me!
The spear in the throat is a similar idea...notice the shaft bends down..this redirects the main force of the spear and hence it doesn't pierce.
Standing on sharp katanas etc is the same./..it is a cutting/slicing weapon, so standing on it without moving won't cut the foot...now if they accidentally slide a bit, watch the blood flow!
I can go on about walking on glass, breaking concrete on people etc etc. Sorry to dissapoint, but they are all show pieces. It takes a bit of practise, and a fair amount of pain control, but their life/body is not in any real danger


4th May 2004, 13:28
From what I saw, it has also something of mass hypnosis and the people being a willing medium. I saw a guy began to wobble and jiggle after receiving Ki through 5 or 6 bodies. It was quite laughable.

I also like those monks hitting cast iron upon their heads breaking it. It is just Chinese high carbon cast iron. ;)

Or the long rods (used by tilers) broken on the body; just pay attention to the lenghth of the free end. The longer the free end behind the fulcrum (point of body where the rod impacts) the higher the inertia that breaks the rod. The assistant is more important than the performer.

There are much more interesting - and much more useful - physical phenomenons than that.