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Stéphan Thériault
26th October 2000, 02:53
Just wondering if anyone has any info on the art of Motobu-ryu?

26th October 2000, 02:58

I studied the art for a short time under a long lineage that leads to Shian Toma and to Seikichi Uehara.

I have some cursory knowledge of the style. What is it you wish to know?

William D. Gray

26th October 2000, 04:49
Check websites for Seidokan Shorin ryu, they are under Shian Toma, student of Seikichi Uehara.

Those are the people to ask about it, all right.

Stéphan Thériault
27th October 2000, 00:03
Mr. Gray,

I learned of Motobu-ryu from a few articles on Okinawan arts in Fighting Arts International. In it mr.Bishop relates a little of the ryu's history, that it supossedly came to Okinawa from Japan centuries before the Satsuma invasion. I was also intrigued that in the few pictures of Seikichi Uehara included with the article, in one he is using a spear, and in the other applying a very "jujutsu" looking technique. I was curious, because I don't know all that much about Okinawa, and was not aware that some of the older arts that would have been used by the island's bushi had survived.


would you hapen to have a web site address for the Seidokan?

27th October 2000, 00:56
question- do you speak of motobu-ha shito ryu?

If not, fraid I can't offer much to the conversation...

Nick Porter

27th October 2000, 05:26
Stephan- I'll get you one.

Nick- No he means Motobu Ryu Udundi, an Okinawan martial art somewhat related perhaps to the jigen eryu, so it is said.

27th October 2000, 05:42
Okay. Stephan, try this url-

The toide techniques listed are the mokuroku techniques(beginner's scroll) waza of Motobu Ryu Toide, which is the Okinawan spelling of Torite, or seizing hand.

This art is sometimes refrred to as the 'Okinawan " Aikijutsu art.

Whether this is an accurate characterization or not , I do not know, really.

The site hasting this list is a Seidokan Shorinryu site.

Which means , as they are headed by Shian Toma, they really do know Motobu ryu toide.

Some sites on the net claiming to teach this art(Motobu Ryu withut Seidokan Shorinryu) and be its (Motobu ryu) US Representatives( there are no US representatives of Motobu ryu Tias such) are purest hog hooey. Avoid them like the plague, but these guys here, are real.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man:D

Hank Irwin
3rd November 2000, 01:34
Sir, there is someone in US familiar with Motobo Uden Te, Sensei Jody Paul of S.C. Please contact me if you have any problems locating him.

Sensei Hank Irwin

Ken Allgeier
27th November 2000, 00:48
I have a video tape of Motobu Ryu, featuring Seikiichi Uehara.I have to say that it looks just like,good soild Okinawan Karate,mostly like Naha-Te.The kata's shown on the tape look like cross between Gekisai 1,2 and Sanchin.The punches and kicks are fast,snapy,strong( only front kicks are shown).The joint locking looks like all other forms of joint locking.The weapons demonatrated are in my opinion are nothing too interesting,and no 'long Bo' demontrated.The strangest thing on the tape is a scenario or scene throughtout the tape,where Uehara Sensei students ( five of them)armed with Chinese broad swords attack Uehara,one at a time and he just walks around and touches them and they fall down,at one point he is useing a broom stick!

ken allgeier

Hank Irwin
27th November 2000, 02:43

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Hank Irwin
27th November 2000, 11:52
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Hank Irwin
27th November 2000, 15:47
I feel I must apoligize to this community for my mis-information on said subject matter. It is not my intent to provide false information to anyone on any given subject. I am only a deshi. That being said, I shall keep my comments to myself. I wish you all well. Sayonara