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Zen Kempo Ryu
14th May 2004, 21:07

Those of you who run dojo's out there!

What system do you operate for everyone to pay their trainin fee's. Do you get people to pay on the door or monthly fixed fee by direct debit/ bank transfer.

Just wondered about your experiences in this area and any info is appreciated



Mark Barlow
15th May 2004, 19:14
Month by month, pay at the door. But don't use me as I guide, I'm one of those pathetic "poor but proud" instructors. Anyone using my business practices is pretty much guaranteed a small if loyal dojo.

Mark Barlow

Michael Kleppin
17th May 2004, 16:18

We give our students a choice of three options. They may use monthly payment coupon booklets, have a credit card billed or have direct withdrawl from a bank account. Most students use the coupon booklets but there are a sizable group that does direct withdrawl. We have even had a few use credit card, but not many.

We do not use contracts and we let everyone know at the door, if you want to train here then welcome! If you don't want to be here, then just let us know so we can stop any payment from you. We just want to teach. It doesn't make us rich, and at times just barely keeps the lights on. But as mentioned earlier by Mark, we have a good group of practitioners who are hard working and loyal.

enjoy the journey,


Mitch Saret
17th May 2004, 19:50
I used to have people pay every month, on the 1st or as close as possible. even with 40 students it got to be a hassle trying to keep track of who was paid, who wasn't, and so forth.

Two years ago I started using a billing company. It was the best move I made. Now students have a choice of 4 dates per month to pay. They can have it done by EFT (automatic draft on their checking or savings account), which is preffered, billed to their credit card, or a coupon book, which they are charged 10% extra for. I was never able to take credit cards before, now I can. I also had to budget the money that came in. Now I get an automatic depopsit 4 times a month, although I will say my last one was zero, but that's because I have no one due on that day.

I can now concentrate on the curriculum, lesson plans, and the general upkeep of the dojo. A few clicks of the mouse and I can see who has been here, who hasn't, who is due, and all kinds of info. I have doubled my enrollment and can more effectively deal with it.

Just my 2 cents worth.

18th May 2004, 05:30
I've learned kendo for one year, but that's just in my campus, and I've still not get the good dojo for me yet!

I'm in Indonesia, do you know the good kendo's dojo in Indonesia near my address?I live in Bandung.

did some sensei from dojos in japan ever come to Indonesia?