View Full Version : Kicks in Chinto (Matsubayashi-ryu)

24th May 2004, 09:38
A quick question, if I may; according to Nagamine Sensei's book "The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do" there are the following kicks contained within the Chinto kata:

Fukubu geri (abdomen kick)
Kinteki geri (groin kick)
Nidan geri (flying front kick)

However, I am having a little trouble seeing where these kicks are, as all appear to be aimed at the abdomen level.

My questions are;

Where is the groin kick in the kata?
Is 'Nidan geri' a double kick, or simply a jumping kick where you effectively kick with the 'front' foot whilst leaping forward?


Steve Woolston

24th May 2004, 11:39
I study a Shorin Ryu style. We have a double jump kick in the kata, fairly early in the pattern. I usually concentrate on getting the knee up as high as I can on the first kick, giving me some height/distance. It is one of my favorite sparring techniques, cause it always catches them off guard when I cover that much ground so quickly.

At the end, when one is doing all the balancing on one leg, the 'snap' kicks could easily be to the groin, since one isn't going to have a great deal of power otherwise. They could also be to the abdomen, but I wouldn't expect to do much more than lower the gaurd, unless the guy moves into it.

Roderick Titan
24th May 2004, 22:32
The Matsubayashi and Orthodox versions are similar. The first kick comes after the 2nd x-block (we interpret it as a cross collarstrike/grab/choke), where you bring in the attcker while simultaneously performing a groin/pelvis stomping kick -or- a toe-kick to the groin or perineum ("taint"). The second kick, the flying double kick -or- knee strike to a low whip kick, comes immediately after the grab and kick.

Also we have a knee check or strike to an uppercut -or- elbow strike following the first x-"block". Chinto is replete with sneaky knees, groundfighting moves (in the Matsumura Seito version) and evil throws. Definitely one of my favorite forms.

Are these the techs you're talking about?