View Full Version : Video Link: Black Tiger Fighting Set

M.C. Busman
4th July 2004, 05:52
The link below (provided it continues to function) offers a selection of Black Tiger style demos. The "Black Tiger Fighting" set appears to contain many maneuvers similar to those in Bassai and Kusanku.


Click on the "video" option on the left. Then scroll down on the main screen and choose "Hak Fu Da Guen" (or any of the others).

Stay Safe,

M.C. Busman

6th July 2004, 15:47
Just looks like good ol' Southern Long Hand kung fu to me. Not too terribly different (on a broad sweeping statement) from say Hung Gar or Choy Lay Fut.

6th July 2004, 17:41
I'm curious,

a set is a form is a kata - all follow a type.

What makes this a "fighting" set?

Do you mean it is a kata and not just a drill of techniques?