View Full Version : Iron staff rust prevention

Kawakami Gensai
9th July 2004, 22:08
I am aware that the coating can reduce rust, but when you handle the staff, doesn't the sweat from your hands corrode it? Does anyone know of any ways to eliminate the problems that sweat poses?

10th July 2004, 00:22
Why not just get a chromed weight lifting rod, or a piece of stainless steel?

Just a thought.

10th July 2004, 06:36
I have tendonitis at present in my right knee. I honestly have no problems with it just by keeping it from full extension. Now, people have all ready told me that not getting max range out of kicks makes the point of a kick, range, void. In rebuttle, in 20 years I'd still like to be able to kick at all. When I went to Korea, I was surprised to discover that most of the "Masters" of Tae Kwondo were just 30-year-old men who had trouble walking after 15 years of kicking with their leg fully-extended.

Also, in my opinion, it's better to learn how to work in closer quarters and be able to kick at age fifty, than get a few good years in at the expense of bodily harm.

10th July 2004, 21:08

You posted in the wrong thread. Look for my response in the knee tendonitis thread.