View Full Version : Itto-ryu bokken on sale??

28th October 2000, 10:18

Does anyone know an internet shop that is selling Itto-ryu bokkens? Itto-ryu bokken is quite thick and straight.

We have here in Finland a small group training Ono ha Itto ryu. So far we have brought all bokkens from Japan, but it would be good to find some place where we could order those.

Jyri Lamminmaki

29th October 2000, 02:41
Dear Sir,

You can find Itto-ryu bokuto on this page from my site.

If you have any questions you can ask them here, or email me privately at peter@budogu.com

Peter Boylan
Mugendo Budogu

John Lindsey
29th October 2000, 02:53
Yes, Peter has good stuff so give him a look...