View Full Version : George Simcox Sensei Passes Away

13th November 2000, 16:06
George Simcox sensei (6th dan, Virginia Ki Society (http://www.vakisociety.org)) passed away on Friday, 10. November, 2000. He was one of the treasures of the Aikido-L (http://www.aikido-l.org) mailing list. I've learned a lot from knowing him over the past several years, and I'll miss him greatly. My condolensces to his family, friends, students, and loved ones.

Thank you, George sensei.

-- Jun Akiyama

Chuck Clark
14th November 2000, 04:40
I'm with you, Jun. I'll certainly miss the visits George and I shared through the mail. His love of life, his family, and aikido was inspiring and "catching."

I'm sure his family, friends, and students will miss him. Hopefully, all of us can live up to George's views of who and what we are and can become.

We'll miss him.