View Full Version : antque japanese clothing and some bokken

1st February 2005, 07:19
first things first i got japanese antque items sent to me by a pen pal some years ago ( about 2 or 3 ) i ran into money probs so i have to sell it other waise i would not even dream about this

the items can be viewed here http://forums.swordforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=47019

the deal so far is 150 takes all clothing it encludes shipping

or we can do it like this

hakama/kataginue 70+shipping

haori 50+shipping

kimono 40+shipping

i also have

bokken 35 shiped for the bokkens
1 kat
2 wak
1 tanto

1 black obi 30 shiped

1 tanto style knife 25 shiped i practice mounting and polishing on

and sakura menuki asking 50 shiped

or you can buy every thing but the clothing for 80 shiped

email me at jamesburgess@alltel.net

with questions or additional pics

3rd February 2005, 18:47
thanks for the emails every one

the stuff is still here so far and the first 150 gets all the clothing items

and the first 80 gets

black obi
and tanto style knife

they need to sell but i cannot drop the prices any lower

if your intrested email me and lets talk

thanks in advance,


4th February 2005, 00:16
new price:

all clothing 130 shiped

tanto style knife
black obi 60 shiped

menuki - 50 shiped

4th February 2005, 06:12
110 shiped guys

cannot go any lower then this

7th February 2005, 21:03
thanks all for emailing me about my clothing

its still around for 110 shiped

along with the bokken

black obi
tanto style knife - will mount this for who ever is intrested

i will make a free habaki for this knife for who ever is intrested

iam also intrested in making clothing for who ever is intrested
hakama,kimono, kataginue

my computer was down due to trojan virus

if you are intrested or emailed me about these things please email me again for pics and or to make offers

thanks in advance,