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Trevor Johnson
9th June 2005, 02:38
Not sure if this violates the e-budo commerce rules or not, but I'd like to find out how many of you might want tetsu-geta, or iron geta. These are those iron sandals that the okinawans wore for training leg strength. Nobody in the US that I know of makes them that I know of, but they're incredibly useful training devices.

My sensei's getting some welding gear so we can make a more beautiful and better-build nikiwara, and he has a whole bunch of scrap metal and stuff and was wondering if anyone wanted tetsu-geta. We'd be charging, obviously, but mostly to cover our expenses. Welding gear ain't all that cheap, and neither is shipping something the weight of a good geta.

I've also gotten a suggestion that we make KongoKen, and we might do that too if there's enough interest.

So, who's interested?

Harry Cook
9th June 2005, 16:29
I would like some, but in practical terms I find the strap on ankle weights work just as well and are much more convenient. Also you can go and buy them from a weight training shop.
Sorry to be a wet blanket!!
Harry Cook

9th June 2005, 17:06
I'm just an old Judo player but IMO the geta gives one an added treat to the calves because of the way you have to use your toes to hang on to clogs so they don't fall off. The ankle weight don't fall off typically. Thus they are a whole lot more convenient.

Try not to drop a sandle on the other foot that could hurt a little.

Shorin Ryuu
29th June 2005, 21:05
I have a pair of tetsu geta I bought from Kyoshi Kevin Roberts when I visited his dojo. His online store is at www.bushifitness.com, but it has been down for a long time (he is currently unable to make products right now).

I believe the other added benefit of the tetsu geta is specifically strengthening the feet and toes (for toe kicks and such) because you have to hold the sandal in place by flexing them. You don't get that with ankle weights.

Trevor Johnson
6th September 2005, 00:48
Hey, all! We've got the tetsu-geta ready! We've managed to get the price down to $55 + shipping, which took some doing. We're at low output right now, but we're talking with someone who does industrial steel-cutting, lasers and all, to see if he can do some for us. That'll greatly increase our output and give us more options in size, too! Anyway, if anyone's interested, let me know!

Also, we're thinking of ways to make less messy chi-ishi, kongoken, etc. Any interest in that, speak up. I find that a very long chi-ishi makes a great suborito, for one thing. Cheaper than most of them, too!

6th September 2005, 01:38
Interested in Kongoken , & possibly the geta , & Chi Ishi , as well . Do you have a site , or can you post some pics ?


Trevor Johnson
6th September 2005, 15:48
At the moment, we don't have pics of them up on the site. I'll see if I can get pics of the tetsu-geta up. Heck, we need to do a major reworking of the site anyway.
As I said, we have the tetsu-geta right now, and kongoken and chi-ishi is something we're working on if demand is right. The one problem with them is A. Design, we want something that can be taken apart for easier transportation,(carrying one of those around in your car would be interesting, otherwise) and B. Shipping weight. We also want them to be professionally done, and not bodge jobs. Our current chi-ishi are the same, they work, but they're not the best, and we've got a line on a better and safer design. We want to see if we can make that instead before we market them.

Trevor Johnson
29th September 2005, 01:33
Sorry for the delay. We took the site down and completely rebuilt it.

So, we finally have pics on our website (http://www.tkri.org). They're in the store section.

29th September 2005, 14:17
If I walk into my house with those iron sandals my wife will probably get my gis,videos,books,mags or any of my martial arts related items and make a bon fire in my own backyard.

Trevor Johnson
29th September 2005, 15:36
If I walk into my house with those iron sandals my wife will probably get my gis,videos,books,mags or any of my martial arts related items and make a bon fire in my own backyard.

What, don't like the color? Besides, she should be glad you're just working out with iron sandals instead of fiercely prancing around the house with swords attached. Or is that part of the problem? :)