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23rd November 2000, 21:33
Is there someone out there who can tell me where to get the add-in to visualise the kanji in texts, like those who are somtimes shown here on e-budo?

Thanks a lot!

Adam DArcy
29th November 2000, 21:51
Hi Achim,

I assume you have MS Windows 95 or above. (Well, gotta ask...) Go to MSN's update page - http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ and click on "Product Updates". After waiting for MS to check your computer and stuff (might take a while) you will see a list of programs, patches, etc. that you can download for your computer. Scroll down to find "Japanese Language Support" for Internet Explorer. (Also check to make sure your version of Internet Explorer is ok.) Download this and reboot your computer. After doing so, you will have the ability to see Japanese characters in your browser.

Once you get back up and running and access a page with Japanese characters, you will probably need to click [View] -> [Encoding]. If you don't see Japanese [Auto Select] as an option, go to [More]. You will then see a list of all the languages that you can view with your IE browser. Select [Japanese Auto Select]. The page should automatically reload, at which point all of the gibberish will turn into beautiful Japanese characters!

Please let me know if this doesn't work out for some reason. My email is adarcy@airmail.net . Good luck!