View Full Version : Uses of the terms kamae and gamae in different schools

3rd December 2000, 02:56
I am curious to how other schools of swordsmanship use the terms kamae and gamae. I bring this up because a friend of mine who has studied kendo and iaido sticks stricly to the term kamae whereas I have seen other schools use both kamae and gamae. I am usualy just told "Jodan, kesa-giri!". Does it have to do with sentence structure and/or other words? Thank you!

R Erman
4th December 2000, 03:23
As far as I know it is simply a nuance of language. The "k" is somewhat changed to a soft "g" when following another word. Such as the "kusari" of Kusari Fundo changed to "gusari" in manriki gusari. Or the term for a kick, keri, turned to geri when naming a particaular kick, for example, mae geri(front kick). Your own mentioning of kesa-giri is another example. The romanji for cut is kiri, not giri, but it changes when another term is put with it.

Someone who is actually passable in nihonji can probably give a more astute, and grammatical answer.


4th December 2000, 03:55
That's basically all that I was looking for, thank you! All the Japanese that I know comes from swordsmanship and old samurai films :smilejapa. If I was smart, I should have looked up a terms sheet, remembered that "kiri" means cut and put 2 and 2 together. :) Well, I had to make sure somehow. Thank you again!