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21st December 2000, 14:40
i am planning a trip to nyc in a couple of weeks and i don't know first hand of any Dojo. i plan to try to go to Yamada Sensei's dojo, but are there any more that i should check out? any that i should avoid?

21st December 2000, 14:49
I heard the Bond Street Dojo, founded by Terry Dobson, is pretty cool.


Gene McGloin
22nd December 2000, 15:45

You might also want to check out Shin Budo Kai over on W. 14th St. as Imaizumi sensei was also a deshi of Ueshiba sensei. Also Aikido of Manhattan on, I believe, 36th St. & Ave of the America's (6th Ave.) can be interesting. Juba sensei was a deshi of Chiba sensei for quite a while.

Bond Street can be a little weird, sometimes. Sometimes one can simply drop by and practice, especially if you are an ASU student, sometimes not. It really depends on who's teaching the night you go! Great tapas bar next door, though!

24th December 2000, 05:09
on the web site http://www.aaa-aikido.com you can find a directory of schools in the aaa(aikido association of america), there you can find many schools in any state. And from what I understand, any teacher listed there is or should be very credible in teaching Aikido. I am sure they have plenty of schools in New York. :)

miguel ibarra
26th December 2000, 19:20
to autrelle,
regarding the aikdo dojo in n.y.c. besides the ones already mentioned [ny aikikai, 18th st.;shin budo kai, 14th st; aikido manhattan 36th st 6th ave.] if you are able to out to the island you can try nassau aikikai; suffolk county aikikai. all of the above have in the past been friendly dojos with excellent hed instructors and training.

the ones in the city are easy to get to by subway and have day and evening classes. have fun. miguel ibarra

1st January 2001, 13:48
thanks to all of you-i'm off! i plan to have lots of fun and get some training in.

happy new year!