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5th July 2007, 19:18
Hello friends Im new here and I hope this the right place to post this question. I understand that breaking is basicaly breaking your bones and are reinforced when they heal. So my question is this are there long term problems such as arthrites exctra in doing this?

5th July 2007, 21:29

Nope, in the first place "breaking" in martial arts terms usually refers to the practice of breaking hard substances--wood-concrete-stones-etc with the hands/feet/other body parts--with the firm hope that IT breaks and not something in your body. ;)

2nd various conditioning methods essentially use routines that cause a TEENY TINY NEARLY INSIGNIFCANT amount of injury over LONG, DRAWN OUT PERIOD OF TIME--think MANY YEARS here.

Nobody breaks anything and hope it heals stronger than before--it usually does not work that way.

If your not getting proper hands on coaching from informed people---I'd steer well clear of various conditoning exercises.

A small error now could end up hurting you BIG time years later.

Be a real shame if you jacked up your hands to point where you could not hold hands/open doors, use a pencil etc.

Don't laugh--I know at least one guy in his mid 20's that jacked up his hands when he was 16 overtraining in these methods.

5th July 2007, 22:12
sorry i didnt sever breaks in the bone, more like would you said guess i should been clearer but it wont cause athrites or long term sorness if learned with proper training?

5th July 2007, 22:34
Actually a lot of the old time karate guys do have chronic injuries due to that old hitting hard stuff over and over conditioning. It's not worth crippling yourself over, IMNSHO.