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Doug Daulton
31st December 2000, 16:55
This thread is dedicated to the research and study of the theoretical and practical applications of the kata Rohai in its various derivations throughout the Okinawan karate ryuha.

Discussion of Japanese and Western interpretations of this kata are welcome as are discussions of the influence of Chinese martial arts on the origin/development of this kata. Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds are welcome to post. Though the free sharing of ideas, perhaps we can all learn a bit more about the kata.

Please avoid statements like "My teacher, XYZ Sensei, knew the one, true Kata X ... all else is bunk." or the Saturday cinema classic "My kungfu is better than yours". Even if you are right .. it is rude and most likely something your teacher would rather you did not say anyway. All E-budo rules apply.

Enjoy! :D

31st December 2000, 22:25
Rohai, 'Vision of a Heron', the backwards kata. Effective pont and other type techniques are concealed in the seemingly very strange movement of this kata that can enable one to seemingly disappear from in front of an attacket only to reappear and throw him or tke him down, after approprite atemi are excercised.

Rohaihas many diffeent levels f application, and understading them all is important if one is not to make the carane error, and think all you need is the crane or heron waza of this kata.

You can get hurt badly if making this mistake.

The hand has eight sides(striking areas).


Joe Swift
4th January 2001, 00:14
Although this kata is often described as a "crane" or a "heron" form, the etymology may reveal a different origin.

Accroding to both Tokashiki Iken (Gohakukai) and Kinjo Akio (Genbukan), the term Luohan as in Luohan Quanfa (Arhat Boxing) is actually pronounced Lohai in Fujian,,, pronounce this in Ryukyuan/Japanese and you get Rohai!

The signature posture (one leg up, open hand in front of forehead, open hand down), looks crane-ish, but if you close the fists, it is a signature Arhat Boxing posture, according to Kinjo...

Anyway, just my two yen worth!

4th January 2001, 04:38
While we are on Rohai, there are actually three Rohai kata taught in some styles, including Shito ryu.

They are taught as a series.

Also in Shotokan, one of the later kata is called Meikyo, andis actually an amplified and athleticized Rohai form.

That Rohai may be a Luohan form, or at least a Chinese form, is pretty much a safe bet it really doesn't look like a 'karate' form does, to speak of.It has steps in it I have seen only in Tai Ch'i, and is in other ways somewhat atypical though related to, Okinawan karate.

Rohai in fact is so atypcal that it could a well be a Naha ti type kata, in Goju ryu, as a Shorin form.

Wierd looking kata, sort of like Chinte in that.