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Rob Beavan
16th January 2001, 22:02
Hi. I am a high grade in Ninjutsu.
I just had my first Aikido lesson and I'd just like to say how impressed I was. What I saw...and felt....was quality instruction. I also saw a Martial Art that works well.

Maybe it's just this instructor who made it so good, but I suspect it isn't just that. In my Ninpo experience, I have met only one instructor that impressed me to the same extent.

With your experience guys, could you suggest a book that details the basic techniques....purely to help my memory with names, etc.


17th January 2001, 02:47
any book by the following:


17th January 2001, 03:02
AIkido and the dynamic sphere by westbrooke and ratti is good. books from aikidojournal.com are great.

17th January 2001, 16:38
"Budo" by Morihei Ueshiba.


Oliver Ryan
18th January 2001, 14:20
Total Aikido is good, it shows the basics of the Yoshinkan system. It seems more practical (I've not had time to sit down and read it completely yet), not so much "love your opponent and the attack will stop..." more "do this and he'll stop trying to hit you because he'll be on the ground and in no mood to hit you again."

Gotta love pre-war aikido :D

Matthew Banks
18th January 2001, 17:13
Hi there nice to hear you like it. Id love to try ninpo but there just aint any in england. For me the best book for basics is Total Aikido by Gozo Shioda. Its in colour well set out its got keys point sections aswell, etc etc etc. Could I ask are there any books just on the stealth of ninjitsu. I find that really interesting.


Matt Banks

19th January 2001, 03:44
Dear Rob B
How ironic. I am an aikidoka who has had my first couple of lessons in Ninjutsu. We were training in koto ryu (I think) and I was very suprised that it felt almost exactly like aikido (same tai sabaki and basic concepts - as if the same form of jujutsu interpreted by different people). Interestingly for a martial art viewed as "hard" by outsiders it was a lot softer in feeling than most of the aikido I have experienced. I have gained new respect for the aiki-fruitties!

The Piranah
21st March 2001, 13:14
There are quite a lot of good books in the public libraries on aikido, and are excellent for beginners...

22nd March 2001, 07:58
Originally posted by Oliver Ryan
Gotta love pre-war aikido

Gotta love pre-war any-do.:D