View Full Version : Heya Iwama folks!!!!!!

18th January 2001, 17:46
I`m going to be at P.Hedricks seminar in Toronto this weekend.

want to join me?
ps.I`ll learn some aiki jo and aiki ken, finaly!! :D

M Clarke
19th January 2001, 00:31
Dear Szczepan,
Hope you enjoy the seminar and the aiki buki waza a la Iwama ryu. We very much hope that Pat Sensei will one day come to Australia. Incidentally, for those that are not aware, Pat Hendricks Sensei is the uke in Saito Sensei's Takemusu Aikido series of books.

19th January 2001, 02:23
First time we saw her about 15 years ago in Poland, she was very impressive for us beginners.I'm very curious now, I think it's her first seminar in canada.There will be a party too, but apparently she hate a beer or other warrior's drinks :cry:

M Clarke
19th January 2001, 04:55
Mmmm.... hot sake (atsukan) floating on trays with sunomono (pickles) while sitting in the onsen or sento to ease the aches... poor Pat S. must have skipped the trips to the onsen from Iwama.
Still, many of the budoka in my dojo study Tibetan buddhism... they do not drink and they aspire to the way of boddhisatva, enlightened warrior. Me, I'm of two minds. Three when I've had a couple.