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John Martin
24th January 2001, 18:35

A friend of mine sent me some scanned kanji a while back and I don't know how to read some of them. The one that is giving me a lot of problems is this one:


Any help would be appreciated.


John Martin

Anders Pettersson
24th January 2001, 19:27
Hi John and welcome to E-budo.

I get this message when I'm trying to look at the kanji <B>"Access forbidden from external hosts"</B>

Don't know if you have possibilities to put up the pic on another site, or any other way to make it accessable for us?

John Martin
24th January 2001, 20:02
Try here instead:


Sorry about that.

John Martin

Mark Brecht
25th January 2001, 06:12
Please post the whole thing. We can not figure it out with this part alone.

25th January 2001, 10:12
That JPEG looks like a section of the Bujinkan grading certificate from what I recall.

I can't read the first kanji... but it looks as if the sentence reads:

(dunno what the first kanji is)Җ

"person is sufficient to (whatever the first kanji means) kyuu" - which is a well out-of-context fragment of text.

Can you please post the context in which this was presented?

(and does anyone know what the hell that first kanji is supposed to be??? :) )



John Martin
25th January 2001, 15:59
I'm sorry, but I don't have anything else to go with this jpeg. Up until now I had no idea what this set of kanji were.

John Martin