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Jari Virta
4th February 2001, 10:24
Has anyone read the book Okinawa Dento Karate-Do? Is it good?

7th March 2001, 17:24
Dear Jari Virta,

I had an opportunity to read Mr. Measara's book. With all the respect to that noble Sensei and in my modest oppinion this book is rather poor. It contains short information about the style, its founder Zenryo Shimabukuro and his son Zenpo. It also includes short biography of Master Chotoku Kyan.
A few kata are presented in the book namely: Fukygata I and II, Ananku, Wansu, Passai and sa far as I remember Seisan.
No footwork is presented and no description of of movements. Just rear fotos.
It is the same with the basics. Just fotos.
I read it once and I have never returned to that book again.
If you want to spend some money on books of this kind better buy Master Nagamine's books. They include much more text about the real understanding of the art and foundations of Okinawan karate-do. You don't find that in Mr. Measara's book
Best regards,

Jari Virta
10th March 2001, 06:07
Originally posted by Cina
I had an opportunity to read Mr. Measara's book.

Thanks for the information.
The best to you,