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6th May 2009, 04:02
Andre Galvao, in competition, showing his flexible, fluid, flowing and dominant BJJ as done against a competitive, antagonistic, though obviously outclassed opponent.

This is not a demo but a competition vid. Back story is apparently he was playing with him until the opponent attempted an illegal heel hook, and then he decided to put a clinic on.

It is also all about control and flow on the top, rather than pulling guard. He's obviously hamming it up, but imagine the ability to do that against an actually competitive opponent:


6th May 2009, 06:36
Yeah, Galvao is a brilliant grappler. He dominates in MMA with incredibly fluid jiujitsu at an even faster pace without the gi. He's really impressive.

Here's a link to the guy he fought in your clip:


I think the guy's name is Suarez. There's a photo or two about midway down, and then several more at the bottom. It looks as if Galvao was a good sport after the bout and posed for a picture with Suarez. He was a game opponent and there's no shame in losing to Galvao.