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11th February 2001, 06:47
If you would like to see a good breakdown of Olympic judo, and not just a lists of whose NGB had the most medals, try these links:


Everything is broken down into several different categories and manner of evaluating the different countries, by the men's team, the woman's team, the men's and woman's team, etc.

The articles themselves are not opinionated as to whether Judo in the Olympics is good or bad, just mainly who are the powerhouses in several categories.

Comments are welcome, or not.:)

Bob Steinkraus
13th February 2001, 16:30
Who from the US has ever won Olympic gold?

14th February 2001, 07:51
There was some discussion over this, mostly on my part, to include territories of the United States in the quota. I thought that including Puerto Rico, with a disclaimer, that PR is included in the count. It is similar to including Okinawa in with Japan, but I admit it is a bit different. Still, it was a Puerto Rican, from a territory represented in congress, who won the gold.

If you want his name, I can probably find it in the records I got from a researcher of the Olympics, IOC.


(Hey, Bob. Where've you been?:wave: )

Ben Reinhardt
16th February 2001, 04:05
Originally posted by Bob Steinkraus
Who from the US has ever won Olympic gold?

Bob, no one who competed for the American Olympic team has won a gold medal.

Last year in the Olympics one guy from Puerto Rico that I know of qualified (for Puerto Rico). He competed in the -73 KG division. He was trying to make the USA team, but Pedro beat him out, so he went to the Puerto Rican team.

Ben Reinhardt

Joseph Svinth
16th February 2001, 08:48
Mark --

Would you doublecheck that datum for me? I show it as a female in 1996. (I looked through Google and didn't find it on any of the various by-name sites, so it could easily be an error in tabulation, either by me or by the fellow in Sweden.) If so, the correction to my tables are simple, and makes no difference to the conclusions. (With one fewer medal, the USA+PRI would no longer be tied with The Netherlands, but, because the USA+PRI still has more silver medals than Belgium, it would remain #11 overall. Of course, that is likely to change in 2004, when I expect Canada to drop out of the Top 20, and the USA to fall to about #14. Italian men and Belgian women both look pretty solid these days.)

One way to fix the problem of weak NAm judo teams, by the way, is fairly simple -- introduce judo programs into more high schools. For example, USA wrestling gets about as much corporate support as judo (read almost none), but the USA wrestlers are still world class. Why? High school and college varsity programs. A HS judo program would broaden therecruiting base, and equally importantly, gives the athletes a shot at paying jobs. (Say what you want, but schoolteachers generally earn a lot more money than judo teachers.)

Joseph Svinth
17th February 2001, 07:17
Mark and I have been going over the data, and as close as we can tell, what we thought was Puerto Rico was actually People's Republic of Korea. (The data we got was scanned, so transmission errors are possible.) Anyway, next week I'll get Kim to change the tabulations. As noted above, this correction does not change any conclusions.

Bob Steinkraus
19th February 2001, 17:01
I did some quick research, and it seems to have been Kye Sun-Hui who won gold in the -48kg division in 1996 in Atlanta.

PRK is People's Republic of Korea, right?

And thanks to Joe Svinth and Mark F. for their research. I love this sort of stuff.

20th February 2001, 06:46
Hey, Bob,
I was just going to post that here, and you got the name correctly, did you get it from the IJF site? She is listed in the IOC material as well, but after scanning it through TextBridge, it came back appearing as PRI (The country, not the name of the woman). Of course, it should have been PUR, but you work with what you get.:)

In the hard copies from the IOC, it is spelled "Hye, Sun," but since this guy is really charting all Olympic events, an error or two is bound to show up. There is also some info missing from other countries, and people seemingly expatriated.

I know, fun ain't it!

Bob Steinkraus
20th February 2001, 16:34
Hi, Mark -

I got it from a spread sheet someone forwarded to me listing all the people who have won Olympic or world gold medals since the World Championships began.

Lists the champions by year, weight division, country, and number of golds.