View Full Version : Isshinryu in Roanoke, VA?

16th February 2001, 07:53
This is a copy of my first post to this discussion board (typed abotu 15 minutes ago) and hopefully someone here will be able to help me out. November of '99 I moved here to Roanoke, VA. After I moved here I heard something about a group of people who practiced Isshinryu in the area and was at one point contacted by them while I was working (lucky me...for I was washing cars and had no pen & paper to get his number) however I have never heard from the man and was wondering if anyone here knew of anyone in the Roanoke, VA area who studied Isshinryu as my sensei is an unfortunate 5-6 hours away from me. Any help anyone could offer me on this would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance

Chris Igoe
Roanoke, VA