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Robert G
16th April 2010, 14:03

Does anyone have any information on Nakazawa Ryu or a link for some information? I have come across an interesting book written by Sohaku Nakazawa and was trying to find any additional information.

thank you,


George Kohler
16th April 2010, 19:35
Nakazawa Sohaku (中澤蘇伯) wrote a book called Budo Gokui Goshinjutsu Hiden - 武道極意 護身術秘傅 (the first edition written sometime around 1927). Nakazawa-ryu goshinjutsu is somehow related to Shibukawa-ryu. It also looks like Hakko-ryu founder studied at one time with Nakazawa Sohaku.

Robert G
16th April 2010, 20:43
thank you..that is the book i have (Budo Gokui Goshinjutsu Hiden) but

haven't heard much regarding this school.

Here are some pictures from the book. Interesting photographs of girls in high school practicing self defense.