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22nd June 2000, 21:25
Is anyone aware of any koryu styles of kenpo that are still taught in Japan? Preferably in the Tokyo area.

George Kohler
22nd June 2000, 21:50

First let me inform you that you need to put your full name on your post.

I know of several of them, but I'll wait until you post your full name.

23rd June 2000, 00:34

And to add to George's comments -- of course, only after you provide your full name:

What do you mean by kenpo? We have two flavors:
1. Kenpo (Fist Methods) -- aka jujutsu or taijutsu
2. Kenpo (Sword Methods)-- aka kenjutsu, iaido, etc.

Both "kenpo" have the same pronunciation, but utilize different Chinese idiograms for "ken."


23rd June 2000, 01:57
My apologies for the faux pas... I am seeking knowledge in "fist method" kenpo... In fact, I have never heard of "kenpo" regarding the sword--only kendo and kenjutsu.

Peace be with you

23rd June 2000, 03:14
Umm.... unless I missed someplace where he went back and edited his first post, he did use his whole name in his signature.


George Kohler
23rd June 2000, 03:19
Hi Jason,

I hope you didn't think I was snobish :) I'm just trying to support the policy that John Lindsey established here on E-budo.

Guy Power is correct, you can either mean the fist or sword by using that romanji. But I knew what you where talking about since Kenpo (Sword method) is not used very often.

As for the different schools in Japan there are several. I can't remember all the names, but I'm sure there are some here on E-budo that can help. The ones that I do remember is Shinto Tenshin Ryu Kenpo (also known as Tenshin Ko Ryu) and Shinden Fudo Ryu Kenpo. Daniel Lee might be able to help where to find a master that teaches these schools. He trains with a Sensei that teaches these schools.

Hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,

23rd June 2000, 04:21
Mr. Kohler...

Is that the same Shinden Fudo ryu that is taught as part of the Bujinkan curriculum?

Peace be with you

George Kohler
23rd June 2000, 04:31
Hi Jason,

From what I've been told, it is not the same curriculum, but I believe it is a Takamatsu-den ryuha. Ueno Takashi Sensei was given soke of this school from Takamatsu Sensei.

Ueno Sensei was also the soke for Shinto Tenshin Ryu (Tenshin Ko Ryu), which was a family art.

Sincerely yours,