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21st March 2001, 15:57
Thank You for the acceptance to this Forum. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of Okinawa. I would invite all members to visit our site; KarateShorinKan: Traditional Okinawan Karate http://www.karateshorinkan.com

Mark Brecht
21st March 2001, 16:27
Dear "SENSEI" (LOL) David,

please be so kind and follow the ebudo rules:

Forum Rules:
Please sign your posts with your full name.
Profanity will not be tolerated.
Blatant commercial advertising is not allowed.
Treat your fellow E-Budo members with respect.

Btw, in regards of your attempts at Japanese you might want to check out the course below:

Originally posted by Mark Brecht
Course: <font color=navy>The term "Sensei" for Dummies 101</font color>

Course Description: When and how to use or address an individual with the term "Sensei".

Length of Course: Usually about 2 emails. One for the course core and another one to respond to questions of the participant. More will be done if neccesary.

Requirements: None

Date: Anytime

Cost: Free

Contact: Please use the ebudo function below (email or PM) to contact us.

21st March 2001, 16:58
Gomenisai if I have offended or bored you with my "log in user" name, no offense intended. And, yes, I did forget to sign with my full name, again I would apologize to the forum members.
W. David Rogers

Mark Brecht
21st March 2001, 17:13
Thank you for following the rules.

The question is why would you sign with "Sensei"...???

Nah, i am neither offended or bored, rather disgusted... Such login terms pull down on the quality of the board. It makes it look like the Ashida Kim board...
Either it is arrogance, or just plain lack of knowledge (if that`s it, why than do you use Japanese terms if you do not understand them...??? Marketing approach???).

:smokin: Seriously i am curious why would you ???

21st March 2001, 17:27
Brecht san:
I have for a long period of time had the email address of: senseidavid@karateshorinkan.com but so the forum would not receive an autoresponder whenever a email was sent to me, I shortened to just the senseidavid. Maybe, I should change it to my non-martial arts email of: iambck@pacbell.net so that there is no disgust either with you, forum members or the other moderators. I am not ignorant and am still learning & always will be about the Okinawan culture. Arigato ne!
David desu
W. David Rogers

22nd March 2001, 03:35
OK, everyone. I have had the email address of: senseidavid etc etc for a very long time, so I am going to repost under my other email address.

I realize that one never refers to himself as a sensei, because I am nothing more than a student. I don't learn my Japanese from my Japanese girlfriend (I think my 'roundeyed wife' would take exception. Congrats... that you are fortunate enough to live in Japan and be immeresed in the culture. I only get the opportunity to visit Okinawa for 2 wks. once a year.

Wow, thanks for the welcome, not quite like I imaged. Would be nice if we were to all meet in the lounge and have some sake.

W. David Rogers

22nd March 2001, 03:58
".....Arigato ne! "

Ok this isn't directed at Mr. Rodgers but rather all those who write......NE! what does this mean? i work for a Japanese company here in Honolulu and I never hear my Japanese coworkers use this the way I see people on E-Budo use it. Nor have we been taught to use it like this in our Japanese language classes. I don't have any problem with people trying to flavor their post if you will, but it just sounds funny sometimes. I also saw another emotionally charged post where the author insisted on using ueis (sp?) after every point he made about respect and fighting. again, no problem but when my co-workers use it , it's just a simple informal greeting....like in the lunch room or the restroom. but this guy made it sound like this super serious gesture of respect and dignity. Now granted I'm no expert on the language but it just sounds alittle strange.

Hey Rob, I assume when you speak of "female Japanese" (nihongo) your talking about the full on kogyaru. For those who may not know, they're the teenage girls with the 3inch high platform boots, bleached/colored hair and outlandish cloths. They may sound a bit comical when they talk but......

All hail the kogyaru!!!