View Full Version : Higaonna Kanryo teachers and kata

Pavel Dolgachov
24th March 2001, 12:51
I'm new member of E-budo forums. But some people know me, probably.
Well, closer to topic. During my study of okinawan karate history, I knew that ideas who was teacher of great master Higaonna (Higashionna) Kanryo (so-called Naha-te founder) are different. I was pretty surprised when found theory of Pat MacCarthy and others (may be Tokashiki Iken and Otsuka Tadahiko, please check me if I wrong) say that his teacher in China was Xie Zhongxian. But ither people say that Higaonna's teacher was other man.

What is the reasons of every version?

When I read articles by Mario McKenna I understand that probably Higaonna taught only four kata: Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseru and Peichurin. But from Javier Martinez and Portella Camara I heard that he new Naihanchi (ancient long version). Paul Okami wrote that Higaonna also "brought back from China other White Crane forms, including beautiful Hakutsuru".

I would like to offer you also to compare our knowledges and look, what kata knew great master Higaonna Kanryo.

Pavel Dolgachov, Kaliningrad Russia.