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15th April 2013, 14:02
Hi everyone!

Just a quick question: Does anyone know or have a current calendar of annual Koryu embu events in Japan? I know there is an informative thread about it on this site, but its from 2003 and I'm worried that there might have been changes in the 10 years since then.

Since I'm living in Japan (Fukuoka), I really want to try to observe a few more of these events while I'm out here and its relatively easy for me to travel to them.

During Golden Week, I've watched the embu at the start of the Kyoto Taikai since my sensei usually attends and I stumbled onto the one later in the week (5/4?) at Shimogamo Jinja.

Thanks for any help!

Mel Hayashi

15th April 2013, 14:15
I know that there are some annual enbu in the Fukuoka area, though I don't know exactly when. Colin Hyakute-Watkin, one of the forum moderators, would probably know.

18th April 2013, 04:26
Thanks for the response David! It doesn't have to be limited to just Fukuoka of course. I'm interested in anywhere in Japan that might have an interesting koryu embu happening.

Mel Hayashi

24th April 2013, 03:16
I know that there are some annual enbu in the Fukuoka area, though I don't know exactly when. Colin Hyakute-Watkin, one of the forum moderators, would probably know.

Most of those embu are connected with ZNIR. There was a big one in Kagoshima in November. All Kagoshima Kobudo plus others. Have not done that one for years as it conflicted with me taking part in hot air balloon championships.

Kobudo Kyokai is usually in February but is now hosted by different budokan over Japan connected with Nippon Budokan. There is the Hiroshima embu in November? Kobudo Renmei rarely meet as its the original members of Kobudo Kyokai

Quite a few in Osaka/Kyoto but I dont have dates. Anybody?........

Nice for those that watch but a rather expensive pastime for those that participate. Ahhhh the price of fame! At least we get a free obento box.

24th April 2013, 12:55
Golden week is quite full:

The one in Nagoya, the one at the Butokukai, Shimogamo Jinja.

At the end of April there is also the one at Kameido Katori Jinja in Tokyo and the Kensosai in August in Mie. Twice a year there is the Matsushiro Bunbu Gakko enbu in Matsushiro, Nagano. Pretty nice that one. Amazing location.
Also the one in Kashima in October is pretty nice. Before there was also one in Saitama in September. Again in April: Yasukuni Jinja. Those are the one I remember.

So, quite a lot to watch :)

9th May 2013, 06:32
Sorry for the late reply! I traveled for Golden Week, and have been catching up on work ever since!:( On the other hand, I got to visit Ise-jingu and watch the embu at Shimogamo Jinja, so it was definitely worth it.

Colin, Michael, thank you for your replies!

Colin, by hot air balloon championships, do you mean that big festival in Saga? Anyway, the embu in Kagoshima or Hiroshima in November sound interesting (and about the same distance by Shinkansen from Hakata if I'm not mistaken). As long as they fall on a weekend, I could probably shinkansen out to at least one of those. Do you happen to have a ballpark idea of their usual dates?

Michael, you are right...there are so many embu to choose from! I wish I'd known about all of them when I first came to Japan. I'll try to research some of those, especially that Nagano and Kashima events. Are the events being held by a national organization (i.e. the Shimogamo embu by the Kobudo Shinkokai) or are they part of city or prefectural festivals? I'm trying to figure out the best way to track down the event schedules.

Thanks again!

Mel Hayashi

10th May 2013, 17:35
Hi Mel,

the Nagano one is held at the Matsushiro Bunbu Gakko in Matsushiro. You can get there by bus within 30mins from Nagano station. Normally the enbu is twice a year, one in spring and one in autumn (normally in October). Its been organized by the local koryu people and the group behind the Bunbu Gakko. Nice location and schools. Love it!


14th May 2013, 05:16
I'll look into it! I've been meaning to make my way out to Nagano-ken eventually and this seems like a great reason. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough that it falls on a weekend this year or next. Thanks a bunch!

Mel Hayashi

14th May 2013, 13:03
Give me a message if you are gonna go there. Im planning to go there too!