View Full Version : Training Every Day, or Everyday Training?

3rd January 2014, 21:22
There was a bunch of talk in some groups I'm part of about making a special emphasis to train every day leading up to the new year. I thought this was kind of strange, since training is such a part of my everyday life, so I wrote this blog post.


Please let me know your thoughts.

Carina Reinhardt
5th January 2014, 08:49
Hello Peter,
Thanks for a good review of the use of training outside the dojo, and what I liked most and what we gain all with honest regular training is the mental side, I think the most important, because we are all getting older and physical shape even training every day is normal to become slower and heavier. But our mental attitud is getting better, you put it beautifully when saying "Body and mind are working together" and "When Iím under fire in a meeting or a discussion or dealing with one of the many complete jerks the universe seems to have such an abundance of, Iím standing casually with proper balance, relaxed and breathing deeply, with relaxed shoulders and back, nothing showing that the verbal attacks could be upsetting me, relaxed even though the jerk is trying to intimidate me by getting right in my face and trying to steal my personal space. Itís amazing how powerful a practical application of budo this is. No matter how intense the attacks and the attempts at intimidation, itís surprising how quickly they wilt and melt away when they donít have any visible effect."
I also learned from my aikido by connecting to use the same in a discussion, not to confront my attacker, but to connect and then take him to my thinking. Or to get out of the attacking line also in a discussion. Another example, if you do Kokyunage and just let him fall over you, so let him just pass.
I hope the translation of my spanish thoughts are understandable. My daughter always tells me that I should not translate literaly, and I'm trying ;)