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12th February 2014, 19:37
Hi e-budo members
My name is Dean and many years ago (way before the tinternet) I was into martial arts, started with Shotokan karate but found a love for Japanese sword and weapon arts.
I studied Kashima Shinto Ryu for a while at a sports centre in Acton Town under an English gent who had come back to the UK after many years training at Kashima but he soon went back to Japan.
Well, this is what I remember so I may be well off.
I wonder if anyone else remembers this class?
The first hour was Iaido then the second hour was moved to the large hall where anything and everything was encouraged, karate-kata, Kenjutsu-kata, to any combination of weapons, as well as weaponless against weapons.
I apologise for any spelling/terminology errors as I say it is over 20 years since I have done any martial arts.
Unfortunately, not long after that class stopped, I had a bike accident and I have severely damaged knees.
Anyway, I have joined e-budo as I have found my stash of equipment and books and wonder if members can point me to the right place to find value and possible sell them as they are only collecting dust.
I assume that being a newbie I wont be allowed to start selling items, is this true?
anyway, aloha :)


Andrew S
12th February 2014, 20:07
Welcome aboard, Dean.

As far as I know, there are no rules against new members advertsising items for sale (there is a forum for that : http://www.e-budo.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?33-Buy-Sell-or-Trade )
Best wishes.

12th February 2014, 21:34
thanks AndrewS
I shall put a post there with the items I have found.
I have to say that it has been great to look at the items after all this time :)
just like to say that pgsmith put me on to e-budo - so you can blame him ;)

12th February 2014, 21:37
forgot to ask is there an android app for e-budo.com?

Cady Goldfield
13th February 2014, 01:04
Hi Dean, welcome to E-Budo. :)
As Andrew stated, members may, indeed sell, barter and trade their martial arts equipment, weapons, books and other related items on this site.

I don't think we have an Adroid app yet, but the site has been tweaked for general smartphone viewing. You could suggest it on our Help Forum for the administrators to consider.

Andrew S
13th February 2014, 20:35
pgsmith put me on to e-budo - so you can blame him

I blame pgsmith!:laugh:

14th February 2014, 01:41
I blame pgsmith!:laugh:

Many people do!

8th June 2014, 13:01
finally got round to taking photos and listed the books for sale